Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zoo Time

On our last fun filled day with Tara, Eva, and Violet we headed to the St. Louis Zoo. This was the first time for Madeline to actually go to a zoo besides the time we went to the OKC zoo when she was a baby.  First off the zoo is FREE! Which is fabulous and if you get there during the first hour the zoo is opened you can go to the kid zoo section for free. So Tara and I meet up in the kiddy section. It was just too cute! The girls loved it! Actually, I think their favorite part was chasing a chicken around but the teach in me loved the story time followed by a craft. Here are some pictures of our day together. We sure are going to miss you guys!

smaller zoo day 003

Oh No! Madeline got eaten by a hippo!!

smaller zoo day 004 

They had these climbing walks up to huge slides. Madeline loved it (after she watched Eva do it).

smaller zoo day 016

This is how Madeline and Eva spent most of the day. (Hand in Hand and eating a snack.)

smaller zoo day 057

Aren’t they cute?

smaller zoo day 068

Madeline with her craft. They decorated pots and planted seeds. We are going to try and grow some lettuce.

**I’m so mad I didn’t get a picture of Tara and I together with the girls. I guess they will just need to come back and visit, again.

I think we only got to about 1/2 the zoo. I think we will be spending many pretty days there and taking all our visitors there!


Madeline and Eva doing a little driving. In only 14 more years this could really be happening!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Friends, Apples, and Pumpkins

Tara, Eva, and Violet came to town for a quick visit.  Thank you Air Force for sending Lew to a conference in St. Louis!  Today we headed to Eckert Farms to do some apple and pumpkin picking. I can’t even describe how excited Madeline was to see her friend. They held hands most of the day and I now have a nicely napping worn out little girl. Here are some pictures of our adventures!

smaller pumpkin patch 016

Ready for the adventure!

smaller pumpkin patch 026

Madeline not too sure about that HUGE pumpkin behind her.

smaller pumpkin patch 030

Waiting for the tractor ride.

smaller pumpkin patch 050 

Look at these two cute 2 year olds!

smaller pumpkin patch 055

Eva, Tara, and Violet!

smaller pumpkin patch 061

Mommy, Maddie Grace, and Hot Dog

smaller pumpkin patch 077

All finished picking apples and waiting for the tractor to take us to the pumpkin patch.

smaller pumpkin patch 079

The girls trying to pick the perfect pumpkin!

What a fun day, we finished it off with lunch at the country store. Tomorrow we are headed to the zoo.