Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Continued…

On Wednesday we headed out for a fabulous German lunch. The kids were great and the meal delicious. Nick was stuck at work.

Thanksgiving 006Thanksgiving 013Thanksgiving 018Thanksgiving 045Thanksgiving 025Thanksgiving 036Thanksgiving 064

Madeline loved helping with baby Treva. She rarely would say Treva, it was always baby Treva Rose.

Thanksgiving 049Thanksgiving 075Thanksgiving 081

We then celebrated Will’s birthday (before he could fall asleep again).

Thanksgiving 091Thanksgiving 092Thanksgiving 099Thanksgiving 106Thanksgiving 107

I made the girls matching turkey shirts. Treva just loved eating the ribbon. Smile

Thanksgiving 126Thanksgiving 134Thanksgiving 138

I gave Sally a little hair bow lesson and Treva is wearing one of her new bows.

Thanksgiving 148

I did a fancy Thanksgiving table. I used the shiniest and sparkliest things I owned.

Thanksgiving 152

I recruited everyone for a job. Linda and GG made the gravy.Thanksgiving 154

Eric cut the turkey that Sally had seasoned, Nick had smoked, and the oven had cooked.

Thanksgiving 155Thanksgiving 156

Andy was the glass filler and Will wrangler.

Thanksgiving 159

Sally was the mashed potato boss.

Thanksgiving 160

I covered the rest, including homemade rolls that made great turkey sandwiches! My pecan pie even turned out great and there is just one piece left that I am about to go enjoy.

Thanksgiving 162

Thanksgiving 163Thanksgiving 175

We attempted a cousin picture but Madeline’s face tells the whole story! I know there are no pictures of me but I was there. Maybe next year I will ask somebody to take at least one of me. Happy Thanksgiving, now I must go work on Christmas presents.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Starting the Holiday

So we are so jazzed to have Eric, Sally, Baby Treva Rose along with Andy, Linda and GG for Thanksgiving. We spent the morning taking a walk waiting for the grandparents. Then this evening we partied it up celebrating William’s birthday and Linda’s December birthday!

Thanksgiving 032editThanksgiving 035editThanksgiving 039editThanksgiving 052edit

Aren’t they are great looking family!!! Just photo shop Sarah the dog on in!

Thanksgiving 096edit

Happy Birthday Grandma Linda!

Thanksgiving 102edit

Thanks for doing the dishes GG!

Thanksgiving 103edit

Ribs! YUMMY!

Thanksgiving 106edit


Thanksgiving 109edit

Coleslaw, homemade french fries and beans!

Thanksgiving 111edit

Andy, thanks for driving the ladies on down for a visit!

Thanksgiving 113edit

I think these 2 are ready for CAKE!

Thanksgiving 114editThanksgiving 124editThanksgiving 127edit

(William fell asleep at the dinner table so he missed out on his party fun, we will have a do over tomorrow.)

So far so fun…let’s hope the rest of our holiday goes as fabulous!