Friday, October 9, 2009

Second Annual Carving Party

carving party 2009 019 cropped

Tonight we held our 2nd annual carving party. Click here for the 1st annual pictures. It was a nice chilly night that was super perfect of the fire pit, hot dogs, and s’mores!  We had a great time with the Shaub’s and Brown’s!  What amazing fun friends to relax with. The little girls (Isabella and Madeline) just played and played. I bet they will both sleep so well tonight they have to super tired from following each other all around inside and outside. We even found some time to carve our pumpkins. The Shaub’s went with the spider theme, The Brown’s went with a cat, and we did the words Trick or Treat.  It was so cold outside and the carving was a little bit too far from the fire that we hurried through that activity to get to the fire sitting part!


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Madeline has really started to love coloring. I still think her favorite part is the taking the crayons out and putting them back in the bag.  We are still working on not eating the crayon and that crayons only go on paper.  As a side note, we are giving potty training a whirl around here. So far Madeline is doing pretty well. We are just getting used to the routine and taking it nice and easy.