Saturday, August 25, 2012

Soccer Season

Soccer season begins again. This time Maddie Grace is on the Charcoal team. You know there are a bunch of teams when they have to use charcoal. She did a fabulous job and jumped right out there. So proud of my big girl! Nick ran 14.3 miles this morning so he was late to game. I didn’t get any in game action pictures. Will was a handful and all he wanted to do was kick that ball!

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She was very serious and focused.  She was trying so hard to do exactly what coach wanted. She was right in the mix the whole game and almost had a goal or two.edited 3edited 4

Go Charcoal Eagles! (Yes, that is the name they picked.)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cardinals Game

Nick took the entire week off so we could head to Wichita to visit my parents. Well, with Grandpa Ross in the middle of recovery we decided chasing little Will and Maddie Grace might not be the best way to recover. We have spent the week “vacationing” around here. Today we took the train (Metro) to the Cardinals game. They were playing at 11:45 on a Thursday. We figured that would be the perfect game to try the train, not too crowded. We had so much fun!

We were 12 rows behind home plate! Free military tickets. You just show your id and they give you seats. AMAZING!!!!

Will loved standing up and looking around. He also loved trying to run away and climb all the stadium stairs. He is a handful!

It was fun game that included a homerun! The Cardinals beat the Astros. Will even got his haircut at the game. Supercuts was raising money for charity. He SCREAMED through the whole thing. There are no pictures of that incident. It took Nick and I both to try and wrangle that guy.  Fredbird (the Cardinal mascot) came over and tried to cheer him up. He even gave Maddie Grace a kiss and she said it was the best part of the whole day. We loved the adventure and hope to try it again before the season ends. GO CARDS!

Monday, August 20, 2012

XYZ The Grand Finale

The letters XYZ are a bit tricky to try to find preschool activities. We worked on a x ray of a crazy guy.

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We also practiced our Yo-Yo skills and ate some Yogurt.

Then as our big wrap up we headed to the Zoo. This was our Zoo breakfast of champions.

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We even went to the new Sea Lion show it was Zippy and Zany.edited 6Will only cared about the ice cream cone, he quickly ate his and then wanted Maddie Grace’s popsicle.

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During quiet time we hid all the letters of the alphabet around the house. It sure was fun.

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ABC Hunt

This concludes our Summer of Fun with the ABC’s. Now to think about next summer….