Saturday, April 16, 2011

St.Louis Adventures

So we bought another piece of furniture off ebay. As usually it was a bit of an experience. The free shipping was by greyhound bus. So off we headed to the nearest station, St. Louis! In order to celebrate this fun adventure we decided to use one of the groupons we purchased. We went to eat at Pam’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs. Let me just say YUMMY!  They have about a million different types of hotdogs and everything you have every heard of being fried. I tried the deep friend snicker. I totally wanted to take a picture of it but before I knew it…it was GONE!  It tasted just like a chocolate covered funnel cake! HEAVEN. Yep, we will be back again!

april 2011 045

Waiting for our food.

april 2011 046


april 2011 047

I love the hotdog but the cheesy fries are the best!

april 2011 049

Sorry Will, only milk for you.

First Real Haircut

Saturday Madeline and I had a little girl day at the beauty shop. I got a highlight and cut and Madeline got a cut and style. She was such a big girl. She request strawberry shampoo and was disappointed that they were all out, then she asked for orange, but had to settle for some boring fancy kind. She didn’t stop talking the entire time she was in the chair. She told Miss Leslie all about everything!

april 2011 036april 2011 037april 2011 038april 2011 042april 2011 043

Look at our pretty princess!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A few more pictures

april 2011 007april 2011 010


Breakfast for dinner to celebrate Madeline’s birthday, again.april 2011 013



New church shoes that Madeline keeps wanting to wear EVERYWHERE!april 2011 015


Grandpa Ross picture taken by Madeline.



april 2011 021

Doesn’t Will look extra chubby there?

april 2011 022

5 Months Old

Little Will is 5 months old! He is such a happy little guy. He is really starting to get into a routine. He is eating every 3 1/2 hours during the day and sleeping from 8-4 each night, waking for a feeding and then sleeping until around 7! Not too bad. I think we will get longer night time sleeping when we start some solids in a few weeks. He is trying so hard to roll over. It is just that big head that is holding him back. He loves to sit up and he is chewing on EVERYTHING! He is a champion hair puller just ask Madeline.

edited maddie's birthday again 041

Here he is in the middle of a laugh!

maddie's birthday again 033

His hair is getting a bit red. Especially when you see him in the sunlight. I think he might be on his way to the red hair I sported as a little girl. Sorry Will. We sure love his guy!

Maddie’s Birthday (Again)

Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna were finally feeling great and able to come for a visit.  Madeline got to celebrate her birthday one more time! Here our a few pictures from their short visit.

maddie's birthday again 002

There was time for going to the park! It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

edited maddie's birthday again 025

maddie's birthday again 066

You know we had to squeeze in some card playing. Will loved to point and tell Grandpa what cards to play.

maddie's birthday again 067Sometimes the game can get a little bit stressful and you have to bite your nails.

maddie's birthday again 019

Madeline extended her birthday by opening presents both days! Can we say spoiled? Thanks for coming Grandpa & Grandma. Next time just make it for a little bit longer!

Grandpa & Madeline

Monday, April 11, 2011

So Crazy…

Yep, yesterday was so crazy there isn’t even any photographic evidence! I must type this post because one day I won’t remember all the crazy things that happened! It was our Sunday to bring breakfast which went very smooth. We were even 20 minutes early and had to wait around to drop off the kids. If only the whole day had gone so wonderful! We have been trying to rent a sod cutter to start our landscaping and they keep being checked out. So we hurried home after church and called Home Depot, yep they had one. So Nick attached his new trailer that he assembled to the SRX.  Well…the two trailer pieces were not the same size (this is in girl language). So Nick told me to watch the trailer to make sure it didn’t come off. About 5 minutes down the road there it was. I jumped out and put it back on. This happened 2 more times before we finally reached the Ace and got a new hitch. After 30 minutes in the store Nick finally appeared and we were off again. Thank goodness this hitch fit perfect! At Home Depot it was crazy busy and Nick was gone another 30 minutes. Did I mention Will, Maddie, and I were in a rather warm car playing lots of eye spy?  Finally we were on our way home, of course this is after Nick and I loaded the sod cutter and while he was strapping it down it started to roll off the trailer and I had to shout at Nick so it didn’t hit him in the head. When we got home the kids and I went inside and Nick began the cutting. As I was telling my Dad on the phone to turn on DIY to see how to fix his deck the phone went dead. Nick cut the phone line and we lost our internet too!  So a quick call to AT&T to get a service call for the next day.  A few minutes later a very red faced Nick came in telling a tale of a stuck sod cutter. Out the kids and I went. Will in the stroller and Maddie running around. I started loading the cut sod into the wheelbarrow and dumping in the needed backyard areas. Then Will decided he was done and started screaming. Right when we were all at our wits in..Nick kicking the sod cutter, Will screaming, and me with a tipped over wheelbarrow our neighbors arrived to help! Thank you Lawrence family! They just took over and started loading sod. Just as Nick got the sod cutter and was driving it around to the garage we heard a load pop. It was the wheelbarrow tire!  In steps Ernie Love. He drives on down with his riding lawnmower with the cart attached. What a team! Then they helped Nick load the sod cutter and he headed back to Home Depot. They finished moving the sod. It was at this point I couldn’t find Madeline. A few minutes later while I was searching I see her coming down the street with Kelli Love & her little boy Pierce. She had gone down and rang the doorbell telling Kelli she was hot and needed to come in to cool down! Oh My!!!  So Kelli watched Madeline while I went and put a cranky Will down for nap. As I was coming back outside the Lawrence boys with Ernie’s equipment had mowed the yard, and started to edge. Are you kidding me? What amazing helpers! When Nick returned home we laid the sod in the back while Madeline had a tea party with the Love boys and Ryan Lawrence. What a day. Yep, what would we do without neighbors? What a great example of how to treat others. I hope I remember to be so helpful to those around me!