Monday, August 6, 2012

Wacky Olympics

The Fabulous Keller family invited us over for a Wacky Olympics party. It was too much fun and can’t believe all the work Holly put into this. The kids had a wonderful day!

Will just wanted to run around like a Wild Man and he really enjoyed the neighbors tree.

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Here is Holly dividing up the teams. Madeline was on team USA!

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A little pregame swing to loosen up the muscles.

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Will thought shapes might be covered as an event. He convinced his friends to help him practice.

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Here is the Olympic village.

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Team USA!

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Will made his own event (slide climbing),

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Next event, frog splashing with Tru. Will took the Silver and Tru the gold. (He way outlast Will in the splashing.)

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Madeline scored a goal for team USA!

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I did not get any other event pictures because Will was running in the middle of all the events. There were running relays, Frisbee tosses, balloon long distance, and running through hoops. The ended with a HUGE water balloon fight!

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And then there weren’t anymore balloons.. Notice Will in the picture. Big William was so kind he handed little Will his last balloon to make him stop crying.

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Then all the big kids came over to give him something to stop the crying. Notice big sister not even thinking about sharing her last balloon.

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Then out came the huge fun waterslide!

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Madeline loved it!

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Will fell asleep before I had backed out of the driveway. Madeline had on PJs before I could even get Will down for nap. Here she is with her gold medal and her popcorn prize. What a fabulous day!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Super shapes

Will is fascinated with shapes. He found this puzzle in the basement and ran to tell us the shape names. Not bad for almost 21 months.

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