Saturday, April 7, 2012

Silly sister

Will has a silly sister!

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She must have climbed the slide and gone back down a dozen times. Each time he would laugh and laugh.

This is how she dresses to help Daddy wash the car.

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When Will walks with his hands behind his back I think he really looks like a little old man.

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This is how we roll to the park.

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Whole Park

We have an entire playground a few feet away and this is all he wants to play with!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Party

The Cole family invited us over for a little Easter fun.

Our families match up pretty great, Amelia is a year older then Madeline, Molly is the same age as Madeline, and Peyton and Will are just a week apart. They always have fun together and it lets Becky and I have some chat time.

edited Easter party 001

Becky makes the yummiest cakes!

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There was craft time!

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Becky told the Easter story. We made Resurrection Rolls.

Will was a great listener (it involved food).

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Then it was Easter Egg hunt time. They kids went out by age group. Will found one egg, or ball as he called it. He stopped right then and there when he found the jelly beans inside.

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Madeline had a pretty good haul!  It was a super fun time. Madeline mostly loved playing dress up with the princess clothes and Will just liked exploring a new place. Happy Easter!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Will has a new favorite song. He was singing it while I was making dinner. Can you figure out the song?

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The B-I-B-L-E...

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Sunday, April 1, 2012


The other day our MOPS group got together and made cute Easter wreaths for our doors. The kids played and we hot glued.

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4 years old!

Well our little Madeline turned 4 years old! I still can’t believe it. The day started with eating birthday donuts on the couch in our pajamas. Then we quickly moved to her first soccer game. Finally we ended up back at home for a birthday present scavenger hunt. I wrote a not for her to find her first present and then clues on each present she found. It was pretty fun and took us all over the house. She said that was one her favorite things of the day. (and the cheapest)

edited 4 years old 159

Here she is finding her present where naughty kids sit. (time out couch)

edited 4 years old 175

Finally it was time to open them. She got lots of tiny Disney princesses and a Barbie with a blow up pool.

edited 4 years old 207

Then we got all fixed up for our princess party. Madeline wore the dress I made her. It had all her requirements… pink, twirl, and sparkles.

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Her party was a local kids boutique and hair salon. The girls were getting their hair styled and little manicures.

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Thanks to pinterest I made a few cupcakes, chocolate crowns and table decorations.

edited 4 years old 330

Tissue pom poms really add to the party feeling. They are now hanging in Madeline’s room.

edited 4 years old 326

Every princess needs a crown, lip gloss, makeup bag, and wand.



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The hardest part was choosing a polish color.

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Rebekah and Madeline did a little shopping in the boutique. I’m nervous for the teenage years. She had expensive taste!

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There was singing and birthday candle blowing.

(Madeline decided she didn’t want to get her hair done)

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Here are all our princesses!

(Top) Shaelin, Amelia, Molly

(Middle) Lexi

(Bottom) Madeline and Rebekah

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Happy Birthday Madeline Grace Schindler! These first four years have gone way too fast!