Monday, November 23, 2009

Go Shockers!

Tonight we are enjoying a little Wichita State Basketball. It is so rare that it is actually on our TV here in Oklahoma. Madeline was all about cheering the team on. Too bad she fell asleep at half time! Thanks Jill for the cutest cheer outfit ever! I sure thought it would be FOREVER until she fit in it when you gave it to me 2 years ago! CRAZY!!!


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Yes, she now yells CHEESE when I take her picture and squeezes her face up! Our Christmas card picture is going to be fabulous this year.

Madeline’s New Past Time

Madeline loves to try and put diapers on her dolls. It has become a huge part of her day.She gets a few diapers and begins the process of laying them out on the floor.  I guess the way I do with it all opened up and ready for a cute rear end.  Then she gathers all the dolls and stuffed animals around the house and tries and tries to get the diaper on. Pretty soon she will come find me and then we will “together” diaper the babies.  Here is the way I found her Junie B. Jones Captain Field Day doll today. Do you think we need to go down a size in diapers?

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