Monday, August 1, 2011

Sippy Cups Are Funny

With each new thing we introduce to Will he laughs and laughs. Now he thinks his Sippy cup is very funny

Funny Sippy Cup
Still funny…

Picture Time

We (mostly Me) decided it was time to get the kids pictures taken again. You can’t beat Portrait Innovations $9.95 deal!


Here is our big sister Madeline Grace. She has a huge vocabulary and loves to use it all day long. She is a big fan of the telephone and is dying to be able to text somebody. Most of her pretend play include Woody and Jesse from Toy Story, her baby dolls, and teaching school. She is still not a huge fan of change and sometime still cries when we drop her off at Sunday School. She loves her big brother and can make him laugh the fastest. She loves to ask lots of questions and now knows her phone number, address, and how to spell her last name.  She carries the ipod all over the house singing all the VBS songs. She has loved the pool this summer and is getting very brave in the deep end with her puddle jumper. She is becoming a great helper and is starting to be able to put most of her clothes away, put away the silverware, set the table, and water the plants outside.

Favorite Maddie stories

(Nick sometimes refers to other drivers as idiots) We were stopped at stop sign and Madeline piped up from the backseat and asked Daddy, is it a stop sign or an idiot. Oh please let her not say that in Sunday School!

She also got in trouble one day and next day she was so good. I asked her what the deal was with the day before and she just put her hands on hips and told me she was sorry but it was her short term memory loss.



Here is our little Man, William Steven. What a joy. He is so easily entertained and loves to smile and cuddle. He is starting to stand a wee bit on his own but still has conquered crawling. (I think it is the big head.) He talks all the time and is quite loud. His Sunday School teachers have commented that he is the happiest baby they have every had and also the loudest. He just moved out of the bed babies. He is also the messiest eater but loves everything. He keeps our laundry machine running, between his diapers, bibs, and all those outfits!


I think these two are pretty cute, if I do say so myself.