Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baseball Pictures

After a HUGE discussion about what to wear this morning.  Which included her saying she was firing herself from team sports because she didn’t want to match other people.  Madeline wanted to wear her brown and pink butterfly shirt with her 4th of July skirt. (She said it would look better for the pictures.) We finally made it to the field, in uniform.

edited Baseball Pictures 027

The coach asked the kids if they had any ideas for a team name. Madeline quickly said the penguins. Another child said the giants. Here is the big vote with Penguins coming out on top. I haven’t seen Madeline that excited in awhile. She skipped the rest of the game. (Yes, there is lots of skipping in 4 and 5 year old baseball.)

edited Baseball Pictures 045

edited Baseball Pictures 050edited Baseball Pictures 054edited Baseball Pictures 058edited Baseball Pictures 063edited Baseball Pictures 066

She had another great game. She was really hustling out there and remembered to run to base after her hit.  We were on for snack I made cute baseball cookies. They were all quickly eaten so no pictures.



Friday, June 15, 2012

Say yes to VBS

Next week is VBS! It is much cuter in real life. But I think the 4th grade is ready to take off. I'm trying my hand at directing the 4th grade this year. Yikes!!!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

G day

I think it is going to be pretty hard to beat G day. It was triple Great!  Nick took the day off work to go with us to Grant’s Farm in St. Louis.  Grant’s Farm is free you just have to pay to park. The key is to pack your car full of people. Here we are on the tram ride. It takes you throughout the park and you see all kinds of animals. They said 6 continents of animals.EFG 001EFG 003EFG 005

In 1855, Grant started sawing and notching the logs that would
be used to build a four-room, two-story cabin on the property. The cabin was completed in just three days with the help of friends. Grant established his farm and named it "Hardscrabble."
Grant did most of the work on the cabin himself. He laid the floors, built the staircase and shingled the roof. The Grant family lived in Hardscrabble for only a short period of time, from September to the following January when Ulysses and Julia moved back to the Dent family home following the death of Julia's mother. Grant ran both his and his father-in-law's farm. He grew potatoes, wheat and other vegetables, gathered fruit from the orchards and corded wood.

When we got off the tram he headed strait for the Goats. Madeline was so excited to feed the goats. For one dollar you can bottle feed. Madeline got a little afraid when the goats were being so pushy and grabby.

EFG 025EFG 041

That little one in the back started eating her skirt. I thought I would never get him to spit it out. I was laughing so hard. We told Madeline it is because she looked like cotton candy. (She picked out her own outfit.)

There was even an Elephant show (e-day) and the Elephant blew up a balloon. EFG 093Nick and Madeline enjoyed the show but I had to take Will out because he was being so loud.

EFG 050

They also had another animal show with birds and other small animals. It was so cute. No pictures because my arms were full with squirmy William. I sure hope he improves before Disney!

The last stop was the world famous Clydesdales.EFG 052

EFG 051EFG 055EFG 054

They are huge and beautiful! It was fun reading all about them and seeing all the carriages they have hauled throughout the years.

EFG 057EFG 058

Madeline loved it and Will kept yelling Horsey.

EFG 094

While we were in STL we stopped at Costco and Got some Gas and Groceries.

We are Glad we even took Grumpy on this G-day adventure.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

F Day

The Fabulous F Day. We decided to give Finger painting a try. I used the Cricut and cut out the words to a Bible Verse for Madeline and the first verse of Holy Holy for Will. I used vinyl pieces and stuck them on cheap canvas from Wal-Mart. Then the two little ones had at it. Thank you for the invention of washable Finger Paint.

EFG 062EFG 063EFG 064EFG 065EFG 066

Will was a big Smurf by the end. I am so thankful all the paint came out and that we attempted this project outside.

EFG 075EFG 074

Here they are drying. Once they dried Madeline and I peeled off the stickers.

EFG 076

EFG 077

They really look much better in real life. I was impressed and now they proudly hang in each of their rooms. Will points at his and sings Holy Holy.

We then had a family game of Frisbee.

EFG 084EFG 086EFG 088


Will was Feeling a bit tired out so he took a break under a tree.

EFG 099

During Will’s naptime Madeline and worked with Fabric. We did a little team sewing. She would push the sewing machine foot pedal and I would guide the Fabric. This was all about trust. We really had a good time and she has already drawn me a picture of her next outfit. It sure looks complicated.  We also played Go Fish, read Franklin books, and Finished some projects around the house.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The letter E is a rather hard letter to think up super fun things but here is what we tried.

We started our morning Easily with Eggs and Eggo waffles on an Elmo placemat.

EFG 090

Then we began our naked Egg Experiment. I think Madeline mostly liked saying the word naked. You place a raw egg in a cup filled with vinegar and wait 12-24 hours.

EFG 067

Here is is the next morning. The shell just rubs off and you can see the insides of the Egg. It feels like rubber.

EFG 059

EFG 060EFG 073



We made an Elephant and read every book we could find that began with an E.

EFG 079

Will wasted Electricity by turning the lights on and off and million times.

This was our nice and Eclectic day of the letter E.

Monday, June 11, 2012

D Day

D was a Daring Day of Dorky Doings. 

We started the Day working on our Daddy presents. There was painting and markers involved.edited D day 007

A Dude named Tru came over to celebrate with us.

edited D day 010

edited D day 012edited D day 015

Will loved the painting. He did want to paint his face quite a bit.

edited D day 019

There were Dominoes and a Dice game and maybe a little bit of paint water spilled.  Then we read Make Way for Duckling.

As we made our Duck we ate quackers. (Graham Quackers) We did a fun D finger play.

edited D day 022

Then is started to pour down rain which put a Dampener on our Deck Dining. But for Dinner I used a recipe from Deceptively Delicious. (Thanks Natalie Shaub)

We had mashed potatoes mixed with cauliflower. You couldn’t even tell. It was so yummy and it made me once again love my pressure cooker! We finished with our Delicious Dessert of marble cheesecake.

edited D day 023

These are our Daily Doings for the Daring D Day.