Friday, July 20, 2012

R Day

I was Really, Really, Really excited about R day. Mostly because it was also my birthday.The fun actually began the night before with my girlfriends taking me out for ice cream. YUMMY! Thanks Karen and Sarah!

edited Q R 162

I had hoped for Rain (it is so needed), but it was a beautiful sunny day. We headed to one of our favorite Restaurants, Roemer Topf.

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In your head combine the best parts of these two pictures. Really can a birthday get any better then having two fabulous kids and being taken out for lunch?

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After our lunch we had to Rush home for Will’s nap and R day.  Madeline has started a Rock collection. We decided it needed some Razzle Dazzle. She picked a few favorite Rocks and started painting. Grandpa Ross the purple one is for you. She wants me to mail it. I think I will just wait and hand the heavy thing to you the next time we see you!

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We then moved on to a Relaxing time of Reading under our Q quilt. The next thing I Realized Madeline was snoring. Yes, I did get the perfect gift for my birthday. Two children napping at the same time for 2 hours.

edited Q R 214

We concluded R day with Refreshing popsicles, making rainbows with soap bubbles, and Running around with the neighbor kids. Now I must Really get to bed. I am 36 now so I need all the Refreshing beauty sleep I can get.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Extreme Makeover

I have the honor and privilege of being part of the O’Fallon MOPS group. Our Steering team decided to lend a helping hand to a local Children’s Home and Aid office. The room we were working on is where parents who do not have custody of their children can meet and play with their children.

This is before the work began but after the place had cleared out the room and moved everything to another room to be sorted and cleaned.

before 1before 2

This is the CREW!

edited Q R 131painting 1painting 2sorting and cleaning 1

And the finished project. The walls were still wet so we couldn’t hang the cute vinyl things or the artwork. Did I mention that Sarah and I assembled the chair! We will not mention the fact that we had to take it apart twice because we put it together backwards.

complete makeover 4

They are purchasing a shelving unit for where the tubs are currently. That will hold all the toys that are in the tubs.

complete makeover 1complete makeover 2complete makeover 3complete makeover with Vanna 5

It sure was fun!  We are still going to help them with a few more things and hopefully I will get pictures of the finished project.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Q Day

I quickly discovered that there are not a bunch of Q activities! But we were quite sure that we weren’t going to be quitters.

So we had a snack of Cheese Whiz in the shape of Q!

edited Q R 004

Madeline and I made “quilts”. We even made Will one during naptime covered with balls. This sure improved Madeline’s knot tying ability.

edited Q R 005edited Q R 006

We used some Quaker Quick Oats and made cookies.

edited Q R 008

Then Nick surprised us by getting off work early so we headed to the FREE Wednesday night concert at the Botanical Gardens. Will loved it.

edited Q R 024

Then he gave us his serious face.

edited Q R 030

Madeline was a great big sister and helped him across the balance beam.

edited Q R 050

edited Q R 062

Madeline was so proud of her tower!

edited Q R 082

We sure wore the kids out (and ourselves)! We rewarded the family with dairy Queen and some gas from QuickTrip.

edited Q R 102

I think Q might be one of the hardest letters. So I am going to Quickly end this Quality blog post. No Questions please.

Monday, July 16, 2012

P Day

Today was Practically Perfect in everyway. We Proudly began our P day with some tasty Pears and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

edited P day 013

Then we moved on to Pool time. We headed down to the neighborhood Pool. It was Peaceful and completely empty. It was just the three Schindlers.

Here is Madeline on her way to the pool with her new Purple flip flops.

With the Puddle jumpers the kids can swim all around the big Pool.

This Picture just made me laugh. Doesn’t he look like a little old man?

Then we headed into the kiddie pool. It was so Packed.

Will loved digging in the rocks and Madeline was busy cooking.

Private Pool…

Then we hurried home to the Pretzel Project and to Put back on our Pajamas.

Pretzel making in our PJ’s!

It was the stickiest dough I have ever made.

edited P day 017

Here they are about to go in the oven.

edited P day 020

Here is our Pretzel bites. They were very yummy. I think with some tweaking they could be FABULOUS.

edited P day 026

Then during Will’s naptime Madeline Painted a Princess castle.


edited P day 030


edited P day 031edited P day 034


edited P day 052

Nick said we might have gotten carried away with the glitter. Madeline said it was a snow storm. After all that excitement you know I needed a Dr. PePPer.

edited P day 036

A new Puzzle was next on the fun list. Madeline is a Puzzle master.

edited P day 038

After Will’s Marathon nap he Played with the Poingo. He is just starting to really like it. I think it is because he gets to Poke at something.

edited P day 040

The siblings did a quick Pose.

edited P day 046

We were going to watch Mary PoPPins and eat PoPcorn but we ran out of time. I think that might be on tomorrows schedule. We had PePPeroni roll for dinner and PoPsicles for dessert.  I am now too PooPed to PoP and I am going PloP into bed.


So I finally got around to making me a summer wreath. Thanks to the BEST MOPS group ever. They gave me a gift card to Michaels which I used for my wreath supplies. Now every time I see my door I will think about those fabulous ladies.

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