Friday, April 8, 2011

3 year check-up

Today we took Madeline in for her 3 year check-up with Dr. Doyle. She weighs in at 32 pounds and 38 inches tall! That puts her in the 72% for both!  She had a great check-up and even taught the doctor a new word. When Dr. Doyle asked how the weather was outside Madeline said prettyful (pretty + beautiful).  The doctor did notice that she has rather large tonsils so she is referring us out to a ENT doctor to check them out. We will also be heading to St. Louis Children’s hospital for a follow-up test on Madeline’s kidneys. We are going to see if her kidney reflux has healed up. Here are some pictures of our day.

3 year check up 001

Madeline getting weighed.

3 year check up 002

A little blood pressure check. Notice the green paper, it is a letter she wrote to Dr. Doyle.

 3 year check up 004

Will wondering why he is not on the table. We did get his shots right after this. He sure is going to hate going to the clinic if he has to get shots every time.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Party Continues

We celebrated the big third birthday all weekend long. We headed to the zoo on Saturday. The weather was so perfect!

3 years old 0343 years old 0363 years old 0373 years old 0383 years old 0403 years old 0413 years old 0433 years old 0453 years old 046

3 years old 047

Then we headed to Cheesecake Factory where Will enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror.3 years old 048

Finally the little guy went to sleep!

Then we took our traditional Sunday morning pictures.

edited 3 years old 001edited 3 years old 004edited 3 years old 015edited 3 years old 019edited 3 years old 024edited 3 years old 027

Thanks for coming to visit Grandma Linda, Andy, and GG!  Nick and I super enjoyed our day out and about while you watched Maddie & Will!