Saturday, February 20, 2010

Major Select

Tonight was the Major Select party at the base. There was super yummy food, great friends, and lots of children for Madeline to play with.  Way to go Nick.  We are so proud of you.

park time 020


Madeline is finally getting tall enough and brave enough to do lots of things at the park.  But the swings (known by Madeline as Wees) are still her favorite.

park time 002

park time 003

Lots and Lots of Mail

Nick and Madeline get the mail everyday after lunch and before nap. It is their little routine. All Nick has to say is mail and she is running to the door. Friday as mail time arrived Madeline decided that she should take the laundry basket in hopes that there was lots and lots of mail. No amount of discouraging would change her mind. She walked all the way to the mailbox and back with the big ole’ basket.  She even sat on the porch after the trip and sorted the mail. She sure makes us laugh.

smaller laundry mail 001

smaller laundry mail 004

smaller laundry mail 009

smaller laundry mail 011

The moral of this story is…. Madeline loves mail, please somebody send some! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day

cropped Valentine's day 022

Quick Trip

When Nick came home from work on Thursday we decided to make a quick trip to Wichita. We packed in about 15 minutes and were on the road in less than 20!  Is that a record?  We spent the time eating yummy food, playing cards, and enjoying a crazy Madeline.  Whenever you give her a present or something to unwrap she say “Happy to you”.  So Grandma Jenna and Grandpa Ross had gotten a few fun things and wrapped them up. So throughout the weekend we would take a happy to you break.  I think the punch ball is her favorite!  It kept her entertained for hours!  We headed on home late on Saturday night. What a fun fast trip.  Happy Valentine’s Day Family!

A perfect Madeline sized seat at Sam’s!

smaller Grandpa and Grandma Wichita 009

Nick, Madeline, and Grandpa in line at Sam’s.

I think I know who I get my big smile from!

smaller Grandpa and Grandma Wichita 010

Are you serious Grandma? I have to take naps at your house too?

smaller Grandpa and Grandma Wichita 025

Coloring is so much more fun with Grandparents!

smaller Grandpa and Grandma Wichita 034 Here is a little video of our punch ball champion!