Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Time Fun

Now that I am FINALLY feeling better Madeline and I have been enjoying some fun outside. We are trying to live it up before the Altus heat gets going!


Swinging with Isabella and Eva.


Yes, play dates are for Moms too!  Tara, Ethan, Laura, Truett, and Me. Not pictures the AMAZING muffins Tara made. YUMMY!!!!


The weather is perfect for wagon rides!  Especially when Tara will the pull the girls all over the backyard!

smaller play date 008

With the Oklahoma wind Madeline only has to hold the wand out to get bubbles!

smaller play date 015

Being outside makes us REALLY happy!

smaller date 043

Another play date and trip around the backyard!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Air Show

This weekend was the Altus Air Show. Let me just say that it was FANTASTIC!  It was so much fun seeing all the different planes and all the different friends out and about. We had beautiful weather! What more could you ask for?

airshow 2010 002 cropped

How about the fancy Thunderbirds?

airshow 2010 006 cropped