Friday, April 10, 2009

Las Vegas

Nick, Madeline and I just returned from our trip to Las Vegas. Nick had a fabulous Air Force conference at Bally's and I had an appointment at the pool with Madeline. Las Vegas is very different with a one year old! Not so much gambling and lots of stroller carrying up stairs! The first night we got upgraded to a swanky suite. They were all out of non-smoking rooms so for one night we lived like Kings, Queens, and a Tiny Princess. We did have a great time and enjoyed looking at all the beautiful buildings, eating all the yummy food, and shopping in all the super duper stores and outlets! Now we are back to Altus and loving the smoke free, no dinging or ringing, comfy couch house! Here are some pictures from our adventure.
Madeline cried and screamed for the first 5 minutes she was in the pool but by the last day she was loving the water. She is a crazy splasher and starting to kick. She would splash herself and just laugh and laugh.
The last day Nick was even able to join us in the pool. Her new favorite thing is loud..I mean super loud talking. It can be so embarressing but rather funny. Madeline was pointing out all the landmarks as we flew home. She even reads us her favorite books. Family enjoy the video. It makes Nick and I laugh and laugh! Yes, she is like this 90% of the time! She is so chatty.
I guess she inherited that from Nick.