Friday, September 28, 2012


Will was begging for my lemon in my water. He thought it was an orange. I tried to get him to change his mind.. He didn’t. This is what happened…

Yummy Lemon

Monday, September 24, 2012


Thanks to the direct flight from Dayton and our great driver Grandma Linda we headed straight from Ohio to Walt Disney World.  We arrived at 10:00 and headed straight to the Hollywood studios. The next 8 days were packed with parks, princesses, food, laughs, characters, fireworks, rides, and a down right great time.  The kids were wonderful and Nick and I were surprised with how much Will enjoyed the parks and the rides. Here are a few pictures of our trip. I think we took over 800!  Here are the highlights…

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One morning (early) Madeline and got to have breakfast at the castle. The fabulous part was that we got to enter Magic Kingdom ahead of the crowd to make our reservations. Now, if only they hadn’t picked that day to have a crane by the castle. (It was gone by the time normal hours began.)

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We were given a fabulous table right by the windows overlooking Main street. BEAUTIFUL!

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Madeline was so excited she could barely eat. The food was fabulous!  They started us with this beautiful platter of yumminess. (Yes, I brought a zip lock bag and took it with me.) I just might have a bit of Jenna Searl in me. Will enjoyed the treats throughout the day.

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Richard our nice waiter took our picture.  As each princess entered they would blow a fancy royal horn and tell a short version of her story. The princesses went table to table greeting the guests. Madeline kept telling me when they were getting close so we wouldn’t have food in our mouths.

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As we were leaving I told Richard (our royal waiter) that we were going to meet the boys. He asked how many and he gave me a sword for William.  I told Madeline I would take her picture by the knight. She stuck the sword in his hand. It sure made me and the royal servants laugh.

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The boys were already waiting in line to meet Disney’s newest princess from Brave. We ran and changed and hurried to join them.

The fun part was the bow and arrow while waiting. Madeline was the only person (adults included) that got a bulls eye. She reminded us of that all day long.edited 41

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Tiana from Princess and the Frog sure loved William and he sure loved her. Look at his big kiss. Madeline laughed and laughed.

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The Buzz Lightyear ride broke while we were riding it so we took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

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Right before this ride we realized that Will was missing a shoe. The Disney rule is no character greeting without shoes on. We were so sad. He lost it in a matter of 5 minutes and a few yards. I found a Disney worker and they helped me look. (I think he threw it in another stroller going by.)  They said they would keep looking and we headed into Buzz. When we finished  I found the worker and she said they couldn’t find it but she handed me a receipt and told me to take this to any gift shop.  I handed it to the cashier and she told me to pick out any pair of shoes. The cheapest we could find were 32.00. They were Mickey Mouse Crocs.. not a huge fan but the best we could do. When I went up to pay, the cashier cut the tags handed them to me and said have a nice day! FREE!! I sure love Disney!

I think Nick and I went driving with Madeline at least 10 times! I sure hope she drives better then this when she is 16!

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One of our highlights was the Agent P adventure at Epcot. You received a Verizon phone and a mission. You had to be in a certain country in less then 15 minutes and then your mission began. There were videos on the phone, buttons to push, and clues to find. It was AWESOME!  In France you even had to say spy code to a shop worker, go to penny press but the secret penny the shop gave you in the machine, press a button on your phone and the machine made you a special coin that you could not let Doofenshmirtz get. Madeline was intense during all the missions. It was the cutest. It really did make you look around the countries and notice things. At one point you looked in a window and pressed a button and a satellite popped up out of a lamp.

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Madeline was scream that there was Dr. Doofenshmirtz.edited 56edited 55

Watch for Agent P
Will and Madeline got eaten by Bruce!

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We planned the trip so we would have some off days to explore other resorts and downtown Disney. Aren’t these two cute!

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Will loved the characters. He tried to kiss all their faces off. We would literally have to pull him off the characters and he would cry.

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The first time we rode the tea cups Will tried to spin the cup. Nick jumped in and really got it going. Will started yelling HELP HELP!  The second time we road the tea cup he just yelled WHOA.. WHOA.. and as the tea cup slowed down he grabbed the wheel and tried to turn it with all his might. When the ride was over I always had to pry his chubby little fingers off the wheel.

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But sometimes he would cuddle up and fall right to sleep! Ahhhh….

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I think Madeline’s highlight might have going to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. We scheduled on the day of the Not So Scary Halloween Party. She was getting all fancy for the trick or treating at Magic Kingdom. She was very serious during the entire process. They even show the girls a few different hairstyles and let me pick. Madeline, who was going dressed as Belle, picked the one with bright reddish orange hair! Oh my word. But she was happy.

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Will waiting not so patient. It took peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks, goldfish, walking around the store, and a stroller ride to entertain him!

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Before and After

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Then we headed to Magic Kingdom. Here are Madeline’s two favorite encounters from that night.

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She still talks about Jack Sparrow calling her My Love.

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It was a fabulous trip and I can’t wait to do it again!

Will’s favorite at Epcot

Madeline was picked out of the audience to be in the Lion King Show. I think she thinks she is famous now.

Madeline picked for the show!


Sometimes it is easier to take pictures and video with the apple products. Here are a few from our trip..

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The food ran out…

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ipod 181

The kids loved all the 3-D stuff. The best was watching them try to grab the things out of the air!

ipod 183ipod 184ipod 185ipod 187

Building a fort on our rainy chill out day!

ipod 190ipod 192ipod 194

She never wanted to sit on the bus. She loved standing and holding on.

ipod 202

Nick always had the stroller on the bus and I always had Wild Man Will.

ipod 206

Madeline loved Thunder Mountain Railroad! I think we road it 9 times! Yes, I did teach her to hold her hands in the air and scream.

ipod 208

When my parents went to Disney with my Dad’s work they brought me back one of these. Yes, they still sell them…30 years later.

ipod 209

Making Will run laps to wear him out for the return flight.

ipod 212

It worked!

ipod 214