Friday, January 16, 2009

Play Time!

Our friends Mandi and Madilyn invited us over for a super fun play date today. The girls are pretty close in age and are doing about the same things. Mostly trying and being so frustrated with crawling! They just gave each other the stare down and a few pokes. It was lots of fun and I sure hope this becomes a regular treat along with the yummy muffins Mandi made! Just remember if you are bored and don't have any toys shoes will always do! Now I must go pack for our weekend trip to Wichita!

New Table

Our new dining room table finally arrived. This has been a very long process. I will save you long details but it goes something like this. We bought this table on ebay on Mother's Day 2007. It never arrived and I also never got our money back. Very sad... but then Nick and I saved our money to buy the table (again) from Ethan Allen. When we went to buy the table we learned it had been discontinued. UGH! But then we learned they had one in the warehouse in Tulsa. Woo Hoo! So they delivered it on Tuesday! When they unwrapped the table we saw that it had a 1 inch by 3 inch mark on the top. So they are coming back out next week to pick back up the table and take it to Oklahoma City to try and repair the top. Until then I will finally enjoy the table runner I have been waiting to use for years and the beautiful new candle holders my mom gave me for my birthday! Now, maybe I can squeeze a dinner party in before they come to pick it up!