Friday, July 30, 2010


St. Louis 016

This is Madeline on our way home from St. Louis.  This is how Nick and felt, also. We headed to Scott Air Force Base to look for a house. First let me say that the area is fabulous and a wee bit overwhelming with all the shopping, eating, and playing choices!  We looked and looked at houses and as it usually happens the first house we saw ended up being the one. Our God is so amazing. Nick and I were feeling so overwhelmed with this decision and debating between two houses. We prayed that God would make it abundantly clear which house he wanted the Schindler family to buy.  Boy, did he answer prayers quickly. That next morning our realtor called to say that the builder of house choice number 1 had called to offer adding a fence and shower to the house. The things that were really holding us back!  He is even enclosing the loft into an office with French Doors!  I love French Doors! This house meets all our requirements and then some.  Hard wood floors, granite counter tops, 4 bedrooms, and a 3 car garage. Here we come O’Fallon, Illinois.  Did I mention that the neighborhood has a pool and playground 2 blocks from our house. So I think this house even hit all of Madeline’s requirements.  She was so cute picking our her room and Baby Hotdogs room in each house. I think her favorite thing is the stairs. If everything continues as planned we will close on the house on September 30th and move in shortly after!  Now if only our Altus friends would get orders to Scott!

Here are some pictures. The home has been a model home so that is why there is furniture.