Friday, November 2, 2012

Good Story

William read me a story while I folded laundry.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year the Schindler children celebrated Halloween as Beautiful Belle and a rough and tough Ohio State Football player! edited 1edited 2Madeline was the cutest thing. After I fixed her all up she headed downstairs to show the boys. She then informed Nick and I that Will didn’t even recognize her. She said she had to introduce herself to him!  Then she started calling Nick and I these non-sense words. I said what in the world are you doing. She said that she would now be speaking to us in her fancy princess language. She also went and got the Disney scrapbook to make sure she was holding her hands like Belle. She said she had to practice for when she said Thank you to the candy givers. edited 5edited 4Will made it to 3 houses and then walked back home to see me and pass out candy. What a quitter. Nick and Madeline had a fabulous time. Nick said that she would come running from each house telling him if they had said she was beautiful. edited 6edited 7edited 8edited 9edited 10

Look at all that CANDY!  Yes, William ate a whole Snicker (wrapper and all). I guess it really satisfies and it gave him his fiber intake for the day.

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