Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Playhouse

We ordered this playhouse for Madeline’s birthday. Thank you!  We just couldn’t wait to put it together. It is so fun. It takes about 15-20 minutes to put together and when you are finished it breaks all the way down and has a nice travel case.  I think I see a tea party in our future. The baby doll has already enjoyed a nap in the new house. Tonight Madeline brought a few of her books inside for her own little story time.

smaller new playhouse 002

Here she is saying. MOOOOOMMMMM… She was tired of the picture taking.

 smaller new playhouse 011

My favorite part is the window boxes.

new playhouse 014 smaller

Happy Birthday Madeline Grace Schindler!

(just a few months early)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Park Day

Today Madeline had a park play date with some of her girlfriends. It turned out to be a bit more chilly then we had planned but it was still a bunch of fun!

Here is Madeline waiting for Tara, Eva, and Violet to come pick us up!  She loves to put her hands in her coat pocket.

Park 007 smaller

This face just made me laugh!

Park 022 smaller

It is very important to hug your friends before going down the scary big slide!

Park 031 smaller

Hi Friends!

Park 041 smaller 

Now, if it would just warm up a bit more.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

San Antonio Videos

Here are two videos of our Madeline saying a few of her favorite words. The quick ending to the first video is because she was reaching for the emergency call button in the elevator! YIKES!

Here she is trying so hard to say Linda. Then it is off to the pool!

San Antonio

This week Nick had an Air Force conference in San Antonio. Madeline and I got to go along for a little fun.  Too bad it rained the whole time!  We did have lots of fun at the mall attached to our hotel and in the heated indoor pool.

Here is Madeline’s new scary face. BEWARE!

San Antonio 005 smaller

Here is Team Schindler in the rain on the river walk. Did I mention how cold it was? I had on a shirt, Nick sweater, and my coat!  We got soaked on the way to dinner but it sure was YUMMY!

San Antonio 008 smaller

Here is Madeline enjoying her evening swim. She loved going up and down the stairs and even standing on the side of the pool and jumping to me. Her swimsuit has a built in life jacket. She loves to just float around and kick her legs. She sure did wear herself out (and me too)!

San Antonio 022

On our way home we stopped at Joann Fabric.  Madeline was checking out the merchandise and picked up this book filled with Noah’s Ark pictures. She brought it right to Nick and said “I know, I know!”  She loves the song that goes.. Who built the ark? Noah, Noah…Except she sings it like this blah, blah.. I know I know.  She was so proud of herself for finding Noah.

San Antonio 023 smaller

We are now home safe and enjoying a relaxing weekend!  Too bad about those Cowboys..there is always next season.