Friday, March 18, 2011

The Magic House

With Nick off work we were able to check out The Magic House.  It is the local Children’s museum.  Let me just say it is FABULOUS!  We had a super fun day.

magic house 001

The Bob the Builder exhibit.

magic house 006

magic house 009magic house 010

They had a fabulous water room. It was filled with water activities. Madeline loved it and got quite wet. The area was designed for little kids. They also had a sand table, tons of slides, a baby section for crawlers, a button pushing area, lots of climbing, and this area only allowed children under 7!

magic house 013

Then they had a city. It was filled with a restaurant, hospital, bank, grocery store, fishing pond, ice cream stand, tree house, delivery truck, and mechanic shop. Madeline had so much fun pretending and using the kid sized equipment. Each of the areas was donated by a local business. For example the bank was donated by the bank down the road. It had safes, an ATM, teller stations, computers, and a place to fill out your deposit slip. It was sooo REAL!!!


magic house 017

Here is Maddie doing some grocery shopping. She loved doing the self checkout with the scanner.

magic house 019

Here she is charging us for the pizza lunch she served us. She was pretty good waitress she only dropped our pizza twice on the way from the kitchen.

Grocery shopping
Fixing the car

The other fun thing was a HUGE slide that went from the top floor to the bottom. It was twisty and I was sure Madeline would be afraid but she went up and down a jillion times!  I think this will be a place we will come a few times a year. It is just so nice that it is made for preschoolers!  Now if some friends will just come visit we will go again!