Saturday, February 4, 2012


Will has discovered oranges and saying the word cheese when I'm taking his picture.

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The family that eats oranges together stays together.

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We have been loving this warm weather. We lived at the neighborhood park this week. Will loved the freedom. By the end of the week he was climbing up the play equipment and running to go down the twisty slide. I sure got my workout keeping up with him. Madeline loved seeing all our neighborhood friends. There was lots of chase and even a new game they made up called rocks. It had some crazy rules and sure made all the Moms laugh. We are ready for spring around here!

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Go fish!

Madeline is becoming a master at Go Fish! We love to spend Will's nap time playing.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This week at BSF they invited the Mom’s to bring their children in for the opening worship. Madeline was so excited to go into “big church”. We sang two of the songs that the children have been singing all year. It was beautiful hearing the little children sing Holy, Holy, Holy and Jesus Loves Me. Madeline sang loud and proud and Will chimed in (a second or two late)on the word Bible in Jesus Loves Me. Our teaching leader Jodi told the children’s story and then we all headed to our classes. What a fun change of pace.