Saturday, August 13, 2011

9 Months Old

Here is Mr. Will at 9 months old.

Here are some facts about our little man.

He is almost 25 pounds.

He is sleeping from 7:45-7:00am (Sometimes he wakes up earlier and has a LONG LOUD conversation with himself and falls back to sleep.) He also takes two naps a day!

He wants to crawl very bad and somehow gets from place to place but mostly just hops on his bottom everywhere.

He hasn’t found a food he doesn’t like.

He is still nursing every 4 hours.

He can say DaDa and MaMa.

Clapping is a favorite past-time.

He is loves the pool and bath time.

He is the happiest guy and so easy to make laugh.

He is all boy and loves to make anything a drum.

Here is a little video I took this morning while folding laundry.

Will at 9 months


I bet you wondered why the video was missing Madeline…she was gone to Build and Grow with Nick! (My favorite Saturday of the month)

9 month old will 016

I think she might have been the only child at build and grow with a tutu on. Isn’t her project so cute. It has 4 little holders to hold pictures!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Every time

Every time I start to video the kids stop doing what they were doing! This is still pretty cute but Will usually laughs and laughs when Madeline bounces him in his bed. (This is the 5-7 minutes I hurry and fold a load of laundry.) It is amazing how much faster laundry folding goes without 4 extra hands.