Saturday, March 26, 2011


Yep, this is the view from our windows today. It can’t be March 26th with this much snow? Can it?

March snow 011March snow 013March snow 014March snow 015March snow 017

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4 months old

I can believe Will is already 4 months old! He is growing everyday and so alert. He loves toys. He is always reaching, grabbing, shaking, or yelling at his things. He now likes the office and LOVES the bouncy seat. He even spends some of his day chewing on the ribbons on his lovey. We are working on taking better naps and sleeping a bit longer at night. He does love to eat. I’m not sure of his weight but it HAS to be close to or over 16 pounds. He is wearing my arms out. He has the best laugh and smiles so easily. He is a joy to our home! His big sister sure is crazy about him and helped me get a few smiling pictures.

edited 4 months 013

edited 4 months 022

edited 4 months 003

We sure love our drooling blue eyed baby boy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

DIGIORNO® Pizza & Hoops House Party™

So I entered to win a DIGIORNO® Pizza & Hoops House Party™ on house party. Guess what… I WON! So last night we had our Life Group (Sunday School Class) and our super fun neighbors over for some basketball and pizza. At finally count we ended up with 22 adults and 23 children. (I think). Digiorno sent me a huge party kit with plates, wet wipes, a basketball over the door game, hot mitt, pizza cutter, timer, name tags, thunder sticks (used by the kids as swords), a sign for the yard, 6 free pizza coupons and $4.00 off coupons for all my guests! So my plan was to take pictures all night long but I was having so much fun I forgot. So here are a few before pictures while the pizzas were cooking. The pizzas we choose came with either breadsticks or wings. The long tray is for the wings and breadsticks and the big spot in the middle of the table is for the YUMMY pizzas. I just have to give a HUGE shout out to all my party guests who help with Will & Madeline so I wouldn’t burn the pizza. Nick of course had to go do a work thing and missed the first 2 hours of the party! Good thing we had such helpful party guests. The little basketballs on the table are cake pops. Let me just say they were yummy. I think I might be making those again! Our friends also brought yummy snacks to totally overflow the table. I think we all ate our way through the games. Now if only K-State would have won and a few other teams so my bracket wouldn’t be so busted!

pizza party 017

pizza party 005pizza party 014

A party isn’t a party without juice boxes & Dr. Pepper!

pizza party 016

Madeline waiting for our guests. She was so excited to have kids over to play with. She kept asking me if this was her birthday party. I sure hope I win a few more house parties. It was lots of fun!