Saturday, October 30, 2010

Daddy’s #1 Helper

Madeline loves being Daddy’s number one assistant. She just follows him all around the house as he works on his projects. Here she is supervising Nick while he puts weather striping on the door.

smaller Halloween 005

Friday, October 29, 2010

38 Weeks

Yep, I am all the way to 38 weeks. This was when our little Madeline Grace was born but I think Baby Hotdog is very comfortable in my tummy and is going to stay awhile. The doctor (Dr. Wilson) said he is head down but a bit sideways. That is why my right side keeps swelling and my right hand goes numb.

shogun 003

Please notice Madeline trying to stick her tummy out for the picture.  I sure hope she is ready to be a big sister. She is also holding the goldfish crackers she picked at the dollar bin in Target. These were her reward from Nick for being a big girl at BSF on Wednesday. As she eats them she reminds us that she is a big girl.


Tonight we went to Shogun, a Japanese steak house. We figured that it is much easier to do this with just one little Schindler.  Madeline loved the “show” and kept saying I like this guy.  She loved the vegetables, chicken, and rice. But her favorite part was the chopsticks!  Look at how well she does with the special kid friendly chopsticks.