Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thank you GG

I haven’t washed a dish in 2 weeks! Yes, that means that GG has been here.  My house has been picked up, the table cleared, the sink empty, and I just got a postcard from my dishwasher asking if I was gone on vacation.

Each morning as I lazily drank my coffee GG was ready to go. She would highly encourage me to get my working clothes on and wanted to know what I had planned for us to do that day.  We were able to clean out and organize so many places… the office, storage room (both of them), kids closets, and kitchen. Then on top of that wonderfulness, Nick and I got 2 date nights. One to the baseball game with Madeline (she kept saying how fun it was to leave Will at home) and one to dinner and a movie!  Then one whole day I got to spend with my friend Sarah shopping and eating lunch like fancy grown up ladies. It was amazing!  I feel refreshed and ready to clean out another area.

Here are some pictures of our fun…

003100044102 She dressed Will. We loved his tail!083103

Madeline loved having a play dough partner.


While GG and Mommy worked the kids relaxed.


Madeline made a new game where she hid “notes” around the house and we had to find them.


Madeline sorting my ribbon by color.


GG folding all my fabric so nice and neat and by color!


Will go tired so he got a book an laid in the office.

121111I caught up on sewing on Madeline’s build and grow patches. This is her 2nd apron and it is almost full!128112

Carrying out the trash and the garage sale items.



GG running to get in the car with Andy and Linda. She was ready for a break. Smile We love you GG. Thanks for coming to visit. We have signed up for a week in August.131114

Here is Will enjoying dinner.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bike Riding

William is FINALLY starting to pedal his bike.  Madeline is going strong on her 2 wheeler (with training wheels). I see a fun summer in our future!

Ride Will!
5 year old rider!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 14

week14a copyweek 14b copy

5 years old

Yes, I have a 5 year old. My baby is growing up much too fast! We stretched this birthday out. We started with the grandparents and ended with our friends. When asked what she wanted to eat on her birthday she said chili and Bob Evans. We finally figured out that she loves Bob Evans because of the Cherry Coke. So Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna wrapped up a few Cherry Cokes. Madeline got out a sharpie and wrote her name on all of them. We even had 4 birthday treats! 2 cakes and 2 sets of cupcakes. I think we sang the birthday song at least 7 times. Will is still singing the birthday song.  She wanted a Brave themed birthday party so we had a great time planning. We played some “highland” games ate yummy cupcakes and laughed a bunch with girlfriends. I think the most fun game was Brave Bingo. The girls loved the Dollar Tree prizes.  We made princess crowns and bear claw necklaces. We practiced our arrow shooting and tried out the Brave bean bag toss. We even talked GG into staying with us for a couple of weeks. She was a lifesaver with wrangling Will during the party. I have already requested her for next year.

week 13c copyWeek 13d copy

Here are a few bigger pictures of the fun.

Madeline took her birthday money from GG and went to the mall and bought a few new outfits-and a sparkle purse. Smile


The Grandparents playing duck duck goose. It was HILARIOUS!!!


Will and Andy are now best friends.196150

A little birthday dance.


Then we had the friend party…

4"x6" Post Card Template


GG &  Grandma Linda made all the little girls Merida and the Bear.


Nobody lost an eye.


Not sure how I feel about having a 5 year old. I just know that she is so much fun!