Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Bath

Today Will had his first bath. He loved it. Not one tear.  Matter of fact, it relaxed him so much he had a diaper change not too long after his bath.

Thanksgiving 028

My assistant, Madeline Grace!

Thanksgiving 034

His first dip!

Thanksgiving 035

So clean and happy!

Thanksgiving 038

The kids cuddling. I think this lasted about 4 minutes!


Worst picture taker EVER! Yep, I just enjoyed the holiday and forgot to take any pictures. We had a nice laid back holiday with Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna. A nice small turkey breast, some of our favorite side dishes, pecan pie, and chocolate cake. We even had our friends the Latall’s come visit. I’m not sure they will ever come back because Nick talked Jon into helping him build his new trailer. Here are the FEW pictures I took.

Thanksgiving 014

Will did lots of sleeping & eating!

Thanksgiving 021

Madeline enjoyed having the grandparents to play with. (Mom liked it too!)

Thanksgiving 022

Here is our thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving 017

Yes, this is the only picture I took of Grandpa Ross & I took none of Grandma Jenna. I will do so much better at Christmas!

Thanksgiving 024

Here is our turkey breast. Isn’t it tiny. Just the right size for a meal and one set of sandwiches.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

One Week Old

Our little Will is one week old!  The time is already flying by. Here are a few pictures of our little one. He laughs all the time while he is sleeping. It is the funniest laugh. He is a huge eater and enjoys a couple of meals during the night. At least he sleeps in-between.

one week old 001 black and white

one week old 029 cropped b&w

one week old 043 cropped b&w

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna

William's birthday 001

William's birthday 003

William's birthday 014

William's birthday 021

Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna were able to stay and extra day to help me get caught up on a few household items like…ironing, curtain hanging, bathroom cleaning, fridge organizing, sheet changing, and Madeline hugging.  Thanks Mom & Dad for helping out. Now, Madeline lets me know if I haven’t scrubbed her hair enough like Grandma Jenna and she always reminds me to brush my back teeth. Smile

Love you guys!