Friday, November 13, 2009

It is getting to be that time of year…

We continued our tradition of Christmas decorating on Veteran's day this year. I think we might be the first house in Altus with our outside Christmas lights on.  Nick sure did a fabulous job and now I am really in the Christmas Spirit.  I have been Christmas shopping and crafting like crazy. Here is a picture of our tree. Due to the many times Madeline has heard the word no with the tree she now gets up in the morning points at the tree and says NO! NO!  Way to share & pass on the Christmas Spirit.

008 edited

Nick took off Thursday and Friday to work on his Master’s class …so the ever so helpful Madeline and I decided to give him some quiet quality study time. We headed to the park to meet Eva and Isabella. Don’t people know that we have more then one other friend at the park? We need more swings!  Good thing Isabella is petite and Eva is a good sharer! Enjoy the pictures of the three cute little ones!

Monday, November 9, 2009

62nd Birthday!

November 7th was my Mommy’s 62nd birthday. She was super excited because it means the beginning of social security!  My parents were gracious enough to drive once again to Altus and they even stopped and picked up Nick at the OKC airport from his week long New Mexico Safety class. This means they didn’t arrive into Altus until after midnight. What a way to start a trip!  The next morning we celebrated all day. Lots of chocolate cake, card playing, and Madeline chasing. Nick smoked out 2 huge pork shoulders. One of Mom’s birthday presents was a big thing of yummy meat to take home. We are so blessed to have such a great family. Yes, I will brag. Our parents have always made sacrifices to provide the best for us our entire life. Even now they put our comfort and happiness before their own. Nick and I were both blessed to grow up in homes that desired to do what is right… even when it was not popular or easy.  We have families that pray for us and with us, love to talk about God and what they are learning in the Bible and even admit what they are struggling with. I think Nick and I have the best families in the world and no I won’t trade or share them!  Nick and I are sure blessed to look to our families as examples for raising our Madeline.

Psalm 112: 1-2

Praise the LORD. Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who finds great delight in his commands. His children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.

Mom's Birthday 091 cropped Mom's Birthday 070 cropped

There were lots of kisses this weekend!

Mom's Birthday 058 smaller

Here is an after wagon ride high-five.

Mom's Birthday 077 smaller

A walk to check out the tractor behind the house.

Mom's Birthday 081 smaller

A quick stop to wave at Mommy and Grandma.

Mom's Birthday 064 smaller

A good looking set of Grandparents. Which Madeline called Grandma Me me but she called Grandpa Pee Pee… I think we will find a new name for ole’ Grandpa!

Mom's Birthday 097 cropped

Snuggles with Grandma and Grandpa on a beautiful day!

Mom's Birthday 115 cropped


Mom and Dad thanks for driving down and spending the weekend with us. The time just goes too fast.  6 weeks until Christmas!! WOO HOO!!  Can’t wait to see you again and this time I think the girls might win at cards. 

PS… While you are shopping remember all the nice things I just said about you. :)