Saturday, June 2, 2012


Today was Madeline’s Mighty Ball Baseball game. She is the only little girl on the white team. She was so excited this morning. She is doing pretty great so far!

edited Baseball 013

She was a great listener to Coach Chris.

edited Baseball 020

Nick was the 2nd base coach. There was LOTS of redirecting today. And when you get bored in the outfield it is fun to put your glove on your head.

edited Baseball 023edited Baseball 042

She really loved the outfield the best. After she hit the ball she ran after the ball, fielded it, and threw it to first. Then after the ball was taking care of she ran.

edited Baseball 030She could really hit the ball. She hit the farthest on her team.edited Baseball 062edited Baseball 082edited Baseball 100

But sometimes we get tired and decided to be like the other kids and put our hat on backwards.

edited Baseball 113edited Baseball 117


Pretty good overhand throw! We still need to work on our aim.

edited Baseball 134

Good game blue and white team. Will even stayed in his stroller the entire time. He ate a huge bag of grapes, peanut butter crackers, two packages of fruit snacks, and one juice. Can you believe that didn’t even slow down his lunch eating?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer of Fun (Letter A)

To banish boredom and keep us on a fun schedule I have put together with the help of pinterest a Summer of Fun Alphabet challenge. On M,W,Fri we are doing a letter of the alphabet and theming all our activities around the letter. T, Th are going to be our pool days.  This is a great way to review the ABC Bible Verse we learned last year and practice our letter writing.

Today was letter A.

editted Letter A 088

This is the Summer of Fun box. The inside was filled with all the supplies for our letter day.

editted Letter A 089

We placed these beads following the directions and then melted the alligator with the iron. It is amazing what you can find on the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart.

editted Letter A 090


editted Letter A 092

We learned a finger play about Alligators, made one, and practiced our letters and Bible verse.  We would have done a few more things but Madeline said she was tired and 5 minutes later she was asleep on the couch. I guess the dino day plus letter A day was just a bit too much. We are going to hit the Art Museum in St. Louis this weekend. I’m hopeful this will be a fun adventure and I can make a fun ABC book of our Summer of Fun.

Dino Day

Our good friend Sarah and her two boys Simon (5) and Griffin (2) invited us over for Dino Day. Karen, Gabe (5) and Gavin (4)also were invited. We were all in the same MOPS group last year.  Dino day started with some playing at the park.

edited Letter A 018

Yes, William was hugging the basketball goal. He loves basketball that much!  But it was windy and chilly so we headed to Sarah’s house to finish the fun.

edited Letter A 034


Simon had made dinosaur eggs early in the week. The kids cracked them open to discover which kind of dinosaur was inside each egg. Sarah was amazing she new all the names and facts. Madeline was a very serious paleontologist.edited Letter A 044edited Letter A 048edited Letter A 052edited Letter A 055

Simon had created a volcano and waited to set it off with all of us there. I have never seen children more eager. They were are so excited. I think Sarah made the volcano go off at least 3 times! Simon even created the lego dinosaurs from the directions on the internet.

edited Letter A 060edited Letter A 069edited Letter A 086

Simon was soooo excited. I love this picture. I didn’t get a picture of the fossil making with play dough or the fun lunch of dinosaur chicken nuggets, prehistoric trees (broccoli) and yummy strawberries. It sure was a fun day. Will loved playing with Griff and just walking around checking out all the fabulous boy toys. After lunch the kids played pirates and knights fighting a dragon. A little different then the girl play dates we usually have but Madeline loved it!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


I don't know why I think this is so cute but I sure do! He loves his apples.

YouTube Video

Location:Hearthstone Dr,O'Fallon,United States

Monday, May 28, 2012


For the four day weekend we loaded up the kids and headed to Ohio. The trip there was very uneventful. We decided to leave late Thursday night so the kids would sleep. Well, Madeline slept but Will talked, sang, yelled, laughed, and screamed the entire way there. I though it went well because of the no crying. Nick did not feel the same and even thought he might be going crazy.  At least when we got there EVERYONE slept all night long.

It was 90 degrees in Ohio so the kids loved the not so hot hot tub and the squirt guns.

editted Ohio 004

editted Ohio 010editted Ohio 021editted Ohio 030editted Ohio 037

Madeline calls this her Sassy pose!

editted Ohio 038

This made me laugh. I think Will is wondering about trust and how long his dad can hold up 30 pounds. Will was not a fan of the puddle jumper at Grandma’s. He loves it at home now. We will have to try again there.

editted Ohio 047editted Ohio 056editted Ohio 077editted Ohio 078editted Ohio 081editted Ohio 096This was Andy’s serious pose. I think he was wondering if he was going to have to replant many plants after Will left. Smileeditted Ohio 108editted Ohio 113editted Ohio 114

editted Ohio 118editted Ohio 131

Will just loved being outside in Andy and Linda’s garden / park backyard! I pretend like I was on vacation and just sat in the comfortable chairs and drank coffee and lemonade all day.

editted Ohio 144editted Ohio 163

Then Nick and Madeline tried to shoot me.

editted Ohio 172

Poor William. He couldn’t pull the trigger. But he made the best of it and got a drink from sister.editted Ohio 194editted Ohio 204

She still thinks she is our tour guide.

editted Ohio 238

William would look at the map and then pick up a stick and draw on the ground. I see trail guide in his future.

editted Ohio 243editted Ohio 293He is such a snuggle bear, or maybe he just wanted someone to carry him all the way back?editted Ohio 317editted Ohio 321

I think the highlight for Maddie Grace was playing with the cousins. They had so much fun. Actually about 8:30 Madeline came out with her pajamas on and announced to EVERYONE that she was all funned out. I guess our trip to Ohio wore her out. We also did a little shopping, got me an Ohio drivers license (sorry Kansas), and registered to vote, we visited Aunt Pauline, went for 2 hikes, had a BBQ, and listen to will scream cry 75% of the way back to O’Fallon. Yep, this might be our last car trip ever. Smile