Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy Weekend

This weekend Linda, Andy, and GG came to O’Fallon on their way home from Portland. They were able to catch one of Maddie’s soccer games and watch the kids while Nick and I went to a photography class. The time went too fast and I only took a few pictures. Thank goodness Andy took some!

Linda's Pictures 291

Madeline and the honeydew we finally picked from our garden. It is pretty yummy!

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Linda's Pictures 300

A little team celebration after a goal was scored. Don’t be fooled..there were a few tears and a bunch of I don’t want to play but finally towards the end she got in the spirit of things.

soccer 034soccer 071

Did I mention Madeline wouldn’t leave home without her Dora chair. She carried it all the way out to the field by herself. She would be in the middle of playing and then run off and tell us she needed a rest and take a break in her chair. After a minute or two she was up and back in the game. I’m not seeing a World Cup in our future.

soccer 083

Will loved being outside and clapped and clapped for his sister.

That afternoon we headed to Eckerd’s to do some honey crisp apple picking with our Sunday School class. YUMMY!

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Who needs a ladder when you have a daddy? Thanks for coming for a visit Grandma Linda, Andy and GG!!!!