Saturday, November 29, 2014

German Christmas Markets

The Schindler’s hopped on a Ryan Air flight after school and work on Wednesday and headed to Cologne Germany. We landed late and headed straight to our hotel. After a quick nights sleep we hopped on the local train and headed to the Christmas Markets. We spent Thanksgiving eating our way through the Christmas Markets. YUMMY!  Madeline and I enjoyed ice skating. (She used a trainer for one lap and then did it on her own!) We toured the most beautiful cathedral. Nick and I think it is our favorite in all our travels. GORGEOUS! Then we headed back to the hotel early to enjoy the Aldi’s next door and the indoor POOL!  The next day it was more markets, eating, chocolate, and pool. The last day we went to the Lindt chocolate factory, more eating, a big train ride to the airport and back to England. It was a wonderful adventure!  We can’t wait to do more German Christmas Markets.  Who wants to come along?

107Germany 071Germany 076Germany 079

The Rhine River behind Madeline…

117Germany 095Germany 119Germany 122Germany 140Germany 123Germany 147129Germany 153Germany 158Germany 160Germany 165Germany 178Germany 186Germany 188Germany 193Germany 212Germany 234Germany 200

Another country off the Aldi list!


Potato cake with yummy apple dip!


The best waffle.. We may have gone back for a second!


Madeline got a name stamp made. It was fun watching the lady cut out the wood.


Ryan Air’s next generation of pilots. Watch out world!


Saturday, November 22, 2014


Sometimes when your family is grumpy on a Saturday and missing America and family you go ahead and make Christmas cookies, but call them Thanksgiving cookies. Then everyone is happy… THE END!

Germany 059Germany 061Germany 063

Thursday, November 13, 2014

William is 4!

William still loves his letters and numbers. He requested W cookies for her nursery school friends. He even helped me use the cricut to cut out the W’s.

Germany 001Germany 004

Every letter lover needs an ABC cake. He had said he wanted chocolate cake, a xylophone, harmonica, and some letters for his birthday. That is easy enough.

Germany 011

Spoiled by the grandparents.

Germany 013Germany 016

Earlier in the week he had written happy birthday William on the chalk board. He was excited when I had it waiting on Thursday.Germany 019

Madeline and I greeted Will with the Happy Birthday song. He must have requested for us to sing it 100 times the next week. He was so sad that his birthday was over. He keeps wanting to bring it back. He has even written happy birthday to himself on the chalk board, requested more presents, and wondered where all that cake went!

Germany 022Germany 040Germany 042Germany 045

He really gets into his food!  He loved his xylophone, harmonica, race track, books, dry erase board, cards, and other fun treasures. Can’t believe he is 4!

Happy Birthday to our wild man!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Picnic and Friends

Our neighbor Morgan had baby number 5 so we decided to take her 4 girls out for an adventure. We had to include our friends the Strausbaughs, the Holliens, and the Rivards. The weather was beautiful!

The boys liked the eating part!


Girl clubhouse…


OOOOOO.. mom look at how I have sand in all my clothes.


The girls built an awesome house!099


Sunday, April 20, 2014


This is the first year William really got excited about Easter Egg dying. Madeline is an old pro and William is just a mess. But at least it is fun!


The Easter Bunny left a few notes…


He also left a Daddy bunny, Mommy bunny, and 2 baby bunnies. A Schindler family in bunnies.