Thursday, November 13, 2014

William is 4!

William still loves his letters and numbers. He requested W cookies for her nursery school friends. He even helped me use the cricut to cut out the W’s.

Germany 001Germany 004

Every letter lover needs an ABC cake. He had said he wanted chocolate cake, a xylophone, harmonica, and some letters for his birthday. That is easy enough.

Germany 011

Spoiled by the grandparents.

Germany 013Germany 016

Earlier in the week he had written happy birthday William on the chalk board. He was excited when I had it waiting on Thursday.Germany 019

Madeline and I greeted Will with the Happy Birthday song. He must have requested for us to sing it 100 times the next week. He was so sad that his birthday was over. He keeps wanting to bring it back. He has even written happy birthday to himself on the chalk board, requested more presents, and wondered where all that cake went!

Germany 022Germany 040Germany 042Germany 045

He really gets into his food!  He loved his xylophone, harmonica, race track, books, dry erase board, cards, and other fun treasures. Can’t believe he is 4!

Happy Birthday to our wild man!

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