Thursday, April 15, 2010

Arriving in November

New Baby 10 weeks


Introducing Baby Schindler. (Head on the right and feet on the left, the circle on the head is the egg sac) We are 10 weeks into this journey and very excited. Nick and I just know that Madeline is going to be a great big sister to this little one.  We went for our first appointment and actually had Dr. Hyde. She was the doctor that delivered Madeline. She couldn’t believe how much that teeny tiny little baby  Madeline had grown. She said everything looked fabulous with the baby and even gave me some medicine for this CONSTANT nausea and throwing up. Let’s pray it works and for a healthy (non colicky) baby who loves to sleep!

Binky Rehab

images Madeline entered Binky, or as she calls it Me-Me rehab on Monday. She is doing fabulous!  The first day was a wee bit rough but things have gotten so much easier. I thought night would be the worst but it is actually nap time that she is having the hardest time living without the fabulous binky!  I think the hardest part was to actually do it.  But now we are 4 days in and never going back! What a big 2 year old.