Friday, March 5, 2010

Guess Who?

Guess who is already home? NICK!  The deployment job went away, so the deployment went away, so Nick is not away!  What a fabulous blessing and miracle. It seems unreal and like he is just visiting and will be leaving again. We have thinking about, packing for, and talking about this deployment for so long it seems odd that it has gone away. 

Here is Madeline helping Nick unpack.

Also known as trying on all his stuff.

smaller chocolate queen 004

This why you don’t let your almost 2 year old lick the chocolate off the spoon. Although her shouting Wow! Fun! when I handed it to her was almost worth the big mess.

smaller chocolate queen 021

Yes, it was even in her hair!

smaller chocolate queen 022

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 1

It has begun. Yep, Madeline & I dropped of Nick at the base early this morning. He is headed for a month of training and then a 6 month deployment.  That makes it 7 months until we see his handsome face again. These are the things I know…

1. God is sovereign. He was not surprised by this deployment and I know He has a purpose.  (Pray that is revealed quickly to Nick and I.)

2. The internet will be our best friend with Skype, email, and lots of blogging.

3. Madeline hasn’t wet her pants in 5 days! (I had to think of something happy!)


That is my update for today.  I must go pack a box of all the stuff we couldn’t fit in his bags and get it to the post office.