Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still Scared

Yep, Madeline is still to afraid to drive her car. Do you think this will last past age 16?

Car time?

William’s First Wichita Trip

Nick decided to take his paternity leave to go along with the ending of his master. So he has spent the "vacation” working on papers and projects. He decided to finish the last ones in Wichita! So we loaded up the kids and hit the road for a way too short (for the long drive) trip! Here are some pictures of the fun with Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna. Great Grandma Searl even got to meet her newest Great Grand child.

bath time

Yep, even babies get dirty at Grandma’s and need a bath. Look at this almost 4 month old cutie!

Early Birthday

Great Grandma Searl gave Madeline her birthday present. Then they had a tea party!

Tea Time


Ross & Jenna Pictures March 2011 493

Just relaxing and playing with Daddy’s phone.

Wichita 086

No morning is complete for Grandpa without reading the newspaper.

Wichita 007

I have one questions….

Wichita 030

Notice Madeline’s gum? Grandma Jenna ALWAYS has gum!

Wichita 040

Will & Grandma

Wichita 043

Maybe I’ll be a librarian when I grow up?

Wichita 047Thanks for the great few days Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna. Sorry the kids shared their cold with you. Smile They are just so giving.

+++Check out Madeline in the background, she was all finished with picture taking and ready to have a tea party. +++