Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Week Fun

Here are a few pictures from our kitchen photoshoot! For having an ear infection I think she looks pretty great! I made the outfit the other day in celebration of the day of love. Actually this is the second shirt I made. The first one was too tiny, so our friend Madi got a V-day treat. Madeline is now weighing in at 23 pounds 7 ounces. She gives the arms a great workout.

She was busy talking to me while I was taking pictures. If only I knew what she was saying!


Last night she crawled over to the coffee table and pulled herself up. After she got there she started to clap and almost fell over!
Doesn't everybody where a tutu and ride in a wagon to get the mail?
She road all around the house helping me gather the trash and put away laundry. Here she is counting how many chores we have left!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



If you are just checking the blog for pictures of Madeline then ignore this post.

I have been busy making all kinds of fun things with my new serger. That thing is fabulous. I absolutely love it! It is so fast and makes things look so nice and neat! Here are the projects I made yesterday during nap time and after I put Madeline and Nick to bed. :) They are for a baby shower I am going to tonight.

Also, I head back to the surgeon on Thursday and he will see if this chemo cream has reduced the size of the growth on my foot enough to do surgery without having to do a skin graph. Doesn't that sound gross! My foot is super tender and I am praying that I am almost finished messing around with this!!!!!!

Madeline seems much better today she has only coughed a few times and has taken both of her naps. She is such a trooper.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What A Week!

It has been crazy busy around the Schindler House. Besides the usual activities, Bible Study, Mission Friends, KinderMusik, we have had play dates, bow making parties, teaching Kindergarten Sunday School, and Nick writing a long paper for his masters class. On top of all that Madeline has been sick. She had a cold and now it has turned into bronchiolitis. On Friday we headed to the Doctors office at 8:30 in the morning. He was very worried about her wheezing so we had some chest x-rays done. Again, no crying and she even tried to wave while her hands were sticking out of the top of the tube. They looked...O.K....A little big of congestion on the left side. He was worried about how hard she was having to work to breath so he said if she got worse she needed to go to the hospital. HOSPITAL!!! Oh my goodness!! So he said to come back at 4:30 and if she was worse we were to go to the hospital. Well, we came home and rested, drank lots of fluids and acted like we weren't sick. :) Then back to the doctor's office. She was exactly the same so he said to just watch her over the weekend and call if she got worse. She was great all weekend. She is still congested and sounds horrible but acts fine. We went back today (Monday) and he said she was sounding better but now has an ear infection. You sure wouldn't know it. She is one happy camper. So that is the update from Schinderville.