Saturday, July 14, 2012

Will’s favorite

Here is one of Will’s favorite things to do at the pool.

Pushing buttons

He loves to push buttons!

Friday, July 13, 2012

O Day

O day was a tricky letter. There aren’t too many preschool things that start with O. If only it had a been a few weeks later we could have just spent the day watching the Olympics.

We of course watched Olivia while we were eating breakfast.

Then for lunch we had an Orange and then as many Orange foods as I could think up.

edited O day 002

Then during Will’s naptime we tried Origami and made an Ocean Liner on Orange paper.

edited O day 005

Here is is decorated. Who wouldn’t want to travel on the USS Blueray.

edited O day 006

Then my photography assistant woke up and noticed that the lens cap was a big O.

edited O day 007edited O day 008There is always some time for cheese.

Madeline completed an Olympic sized feat by finishing this puzzle all by herself.edited O day 012

edited O day 013

Outstanding job! (Ignore the fact that it is 3:00pm and we are still in our pj’s.)






Then we had breakfast for dinner. We had a yummy Omelet filled with sautéed mushrooms, onions, ham, and cheese.

edited O day 017

You can’t have breakfast for dinner without Orange Julius. We also had O shaped pancakes.

edited O day 018

Throughout the day we read books that started with O, played Dr. and gave Mommy an Operation, and Organized Madeline’s craft tub. Oh my I can’t believe we are already to the letter O. Off to bed I head.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

N Day

I was Not on my picture taking game today. But here are a few of our Notable N day activities.

We named this guy Nerdy Ned.

edited N day 001

Then it was time for Necklace making. Madeline did an amazing job. Will would put one on and eat 2. I was surprised that his chubby little fingers could put them on. After he finished his necklace he ate it all in about 3 minutes.

edited N day 004edited N day 008edited N day 011edited N day 014edited N day 019

edited N day 023

I told the kids one of the N day activities was to be nice to each other. Madeline kept saying I love you Will and he would say I love you to- to and then start laughing.  He continued to say that the rest of the day and crack himself up.



When Nick came home we rushed out the door to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. We stopped and picked up Subway for a picNic.

edited N day 040edited N day 054edited N day 078

Madeline said the two best parts of the day were when we painted her Nails with her New purple Nail polish and feeding the fish.  My favorite part was listening to William count, sing, jump, read, laugh, and rearrange the curtains in his room during nap. It was 1 hour and 55 minutes of playing in his bed before he fell asleep for his Nap. At least he took a long Nap after all that playing and he Never cried.  Night Night everyone!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This is what brothers and sisters do I think? It is hard being an only child I am in uncharted territory.


M Day

The Marvelous M day finally arrived. Madeline was so excited when she went to bed she had a hard time falling asleep. This ALWAYS happens when the Mommy is planning to do something after they fall asleep and you don’t want them to see. After she was asleep I ran around the house hiding the letter M everywhere!edited Last Soccer and M day 078edited Last Soccer and M day 082

Madeline loved it. As she found each one she would yell here is a clue. Will would find them and say M and then flip it over and YELL W. We all know what his favorite letter might be.

edited Last Soccer and M day 074

For lunch we enjoyed Macaroni and Cheese along with our sandwich and huMus.  Will just uses his carrot as a way to get the huMus to his mouth.

During Will’s nap Madeline and I did some Marble art. We put a piece of paper inside the container. Then we dipped the Marble in paint and rolled that container all over town.

edited Last Soccer and M day 086edited Last Soccer and M day 088edited Last Soccer and M day 091edited Last Soccer and M day 092

I thought they came out pretty Magnificent!

Then Madeline’s highlight for the day was getting to put on MoMMy’s Make-up.

edited Last Soccer and M day 094edited Last Soccer and M day 102

She then ran into her room to put on something “fancy”. It was just that same old purple outfit she wants to wear everyday.

edited Last Soccer and M day 124

Will took a MIRACLE of a long nap and was proud to sport a shirt with our letter M and his favorite letter W. Now, he thought they were switch because from his view they do look a bit different.

edited Last Soccer and M day 151edited Last Soccer and M day 155

Then we enjoyed one our family favorite meals, Mexican fiesta!  We end our evening with family Movie night. We also did a little Mail to Grandpa Ross and Uncle Eric and Sally.

Now I am going to Muster enough energy to Make my way to bed. Happy M day!