Friday, June 11, 2010

Ohio Trip 2010

After leaving Wichita we headed on our 12 hour drive to Ohio. Things started a bit rock with an upset tummy for Madeline but after we got that solved things went great. She was a great travel partner!  It was nice and cool in Ohio with many rainy mornings. What a nice break before we headed back to Altus for the hot hot summer!

We were headed to Ohio for Great Grandma Erma’s 80th birthday party. It sure was a fun time seeing all the family together in one place.

smaller Vacation 2010 136

Sally & Eric

smaller Vacation 2010 181

Linda & Andy

smaller Vacation 2010 197

Julie, Nick, & Madeline

smaller Vacation 2010 220

Erma the birthday girl!

smaller Vacation 2010 252

Nick, Erma, and Eric

smaller Vacation 2010 189

G.G. & Madeline

smaller Vacation 2010 171

Bob, Andy, Alex, and Jackie

smaller Vacation 2010 174

Madeline, Mark, and Megan enjoying the super fun kids area!

smaller Vacation 2010 266

The party sure wore Madeline out!

The rest of the trip we spent goofing around, eating, selling our old car, loving the new car, and just hanging out on Linda’s beautiful deck.

smaller Vacation 2010 095

Horsey rides on Sally!

smaller Vacation 2010 part 2 024

Grandma Linda and Madeline enjoying the sunshine.

smaller Vacation 2010 part 2 046

Pool time in Grandma’s not hot hot


smaller Vacation 2010 part 2 060

Andy busy killing the yellow jackets that took up residence in the hot tub. At last count ace had killed 6

(including one in mid air)!

smaller Vacation 2010 part 2 079

Grandma Linda got a new Air Conditioner!

smaller Vacation 2010 part 2 096

The traditional group shoot before Eric & Sally left for the airport.

What a fabulous trip but I don’t really look forward to another 15 hour drive with a 2 year old. :) Madeline was wonderful but gee whiz that is a long time in the car.

Today, we went to the dr. and heard baby Hot Dog’s heart beat. On Tuesday we have an ultrasound and will hopefully learn if this baby is a boy or a girl!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Beginning of the BIG VACATION

For the first part of our big summer vacation we made a weekend stop in Wichita to see Grandpa Ross, Grandma Jenna, and Great Grandma Searl. It was beautiful weather and Madeline loved being outside.

smaller Vacation 2010 002


smaller Vacation 2010 023

Madeline loved going down the park. But her favorite part was playing with rocks and bringing them to Grandpa Rosh.

smaller Vacation 2010 041

I think Madeline was a better bubble blower then Grandpa!

smaller Vacation 2010 054 There was plenty of time for cuddling with Grandma Jenna.

smaller Vacation 2010 067

The biggest excitement was the replacing of the 20 year old grill with the new grill.  Now we will just have to come back to eat off the yummy grill.

smaller Vacation 2010 077

Great Grandma Searl even was able to come over and spend the afternoon.

smaller Vacation 2010 082

This is what you get when you ask a 2 year old to smile.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Schindler Vacation 2010!

See You Later Friends

Going Away 012

Well, we knew this day might be coming.  The Brown’s are hitting the road and moving thanks to the good ole’ Air Force. We sure are going to miss you guys! Do you think you will make it back to visit for our Pumpkin Carving Party?