Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Professional Photographer?

Madeline was given this super fabulous preschool digital camera from our neighbor. They are moving and doing a big cleanout. It was even still in the original box!  Thank you Clark family. Here is some of her best work.

Grandpa Ross on Skype

Maddie's new camera 003

A self-portrait

Maddie's new camera 008

Then she asked if I would take a picture of her and her baby doll. She was giving her a big kiss.

Maddie's new camera 007

Keep checking back for more of Madeline’s new hobby!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


So we have had a nice laid back family weekend. Here are few of the highlights.

Nick installed these fancy new headrest into my car. (
Another bargain he found on way when we take our long road trips the kids will have a bit of DVD entertainment. Madeline and I sat in the car and supervised. Maddie “drove” the car and I just held the light and sometimes my smaller hand was needed for tight spaces. But what a great team!


Then we went for a family walk and noticed this cute little bird. He has been hanging out on the ledge above our front door. I really liked him until I noticed the mess he was leaving me!

Church 009

This is a picture of Madeline telling the birdie to say cheese for his picture.

Church 010

Then it was finally Sunday. Can you believe Madeline just walked into her Sunday School class like a big girl and didn’t even cry? Nick and I were so shocked we high fived the whole way down the hall to our class and I ate an extra donut hole in honor of the milestone.  Here is her project of the week and Madeline helping Nick and I in the toddler room for extended session.