Saturday, April 3, 2010

Still Chasing

Isabella and Madeline still love to play chase.

Here is the proof.

Happy To You!

This year we went with a ladybug theme for Madeline’s birthday. She has so many cute girlfriends that are two are are about to be 2 we just had to celebrate!

A quick video while we waited for our friends to arrive.

A yummy chocolate cake from June’s Bakery.

smaller 2nd Birthday 041

Here is Madeline blowing our her candle. We had to that a few times because it was just so fun hearing the Happy Birthday song!

smaller 2nd Birthday 063

Isabella enjoying some cake.

smaller 2nd Birthday 070

Jane was very serious about her cake!

smaller 2nd Birthday 071

Sophie dove right into the chocolate cake!

smaller 2nd Birthday 072

Eva wore a little bit of her cake.

smaller 2nd Birthday 074

Madilyn was working very hard to get her cake on her fork.

smaller 2nd Birthday 075

Here are all the friends! Have you ever tried to get this many two years in one picture??? Not easy!!!

2nd Birthday 094 cropped (2)

We are so blessed to have such great friends here in Altus!

Happy Birthday Madeline!

Happy Birthday Madeline Grace

Our Madeline Grace is now 2! I can not believe that it has been two year.  She has been and is such a joy.  Here are some things that our big two year old is doing…

1. Wearing big girl panties!

2. Talking, Talking, Talking!

3. Running everywhere, there is no such thing as walking!

4. Loving to be outside. She will just wander all around the backyard and be as happy as can be.

5. Singing, she makes up her own songs and they are filled all the names she knows. We also hear Jesus Loves Me About 20 times a day!

6. Crayons and Stickers. A day isn’t complete without a little bit of crafting.

7. Sleeping in a big girl bed and loving it.

8. She can’t ever get enough of chase! We hear more, more chase over and over again.

9. She is our budding photographer and loves to use the little camera. She mostly takes pictures of her fingers over the lens.

10. Madeline always has a book in her hand is wanting to “read” the book to somebody.

11. Skype is her best friend. She loves to put on the Maddie Schindler show for the family.

(Can you tell we think she is great?)

March Madness

March has been a crazy month. We have been so busy doing so many fun things. First Uncle Eric and Aunt Sally came to Oklahoma to see the NCAA basketball tournament.

Here is Madeline waiting for them to arrive. She must have waited by the window 30 minutes! She was so excited.


Here we are driving to Oklahoma City.

March 2010 008

Here we are checking into our hotel before we headed to the first games.

March 2010 010

Go Team!

March 2010 013

Madeline was having fun dancing to the bands.


Basketball is way more fun with a hot doggie.

March 2010 019

Walking around downtown.

March 2010 024

Then there was Day Two..Here is KU warming up before the loss.

March 2010 047

Madeline and Nick all ready to cheer on KU with their WSU outfits on!

March 2010 039

What a fun trip!!!  Thanks for coming to visit Eric and Sally!