Friday, April 13, 2012

17 months old

Can you believe baby William is 17 months old? I do not like that the kids are growing up so fast.

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I mean really can you tell this face no?  He found an amazon box and played all afternoon in the “car”. It was pouring down rain and our usually afternoon park date just couldn’t happen. He had so much fun just putting stuff in the box and taking it out.  Here are some facts about our handsome little man. (I really think he looks like a little man.) He has a passion for singing. He sings all the time. His song choice is varied. He can sing:

Old Macdonald (always a pig or cat)

Holy, Holy, Holy


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus (Sweetest Name I know)

Jesus Loves Me

ABC song (to H and skips from there all around and ends loud with next time won’t you sing with ELMO.)

Twinkle Twinkle

Happy Birthday (always Mommy)

The best is if he doesn’t know the words he just hums. We will hear him all day just singing and talking around the house. A last count he was up to 50 clear words with more each day. He really never stops talking and even talks in his sleep.

Speaking of sleep… He goes to bed around 8 and wakes between 7 and 7:30. He takes one nice nap from 1 until his loud sister wakes him. Usually he sleeps to around 3:30ish.

We still haven’t found a food he doesn’t like but he does like to be funny and call all fruits apples and wait for me to correct him. He smiles, raises on eyebrow and says apple again. He will then laugh and laugh. He is weighing in around 32 pounds. I’m so thankful he can walk.

We love when he talks about horrible messes. He says it so cute but he really does make a lot of them. This afternoon he was unpotting my potted plant. 

We are finally getting to an age when Madeline and Will can interact and play together. Nobody can make him laugh as hard as his sister can!  We are blessed to have him in our life. His hymn singing sure helps me to reflect on our Amazing Holy God during the day. We pray his little light will always shine for the Glory of God.

(Here is Madeline at the same age, do they look alike?)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


What a beautiful day in O’Fallon to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We have been talking about it all week around the house and Madeline sure was excited to get up this morning. The first thing she noticed was the loot! 

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A basket for Maddie and Will from Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna. A purple sack filled with treasures from Andy and Grandma Linda and a basket from “The Easter Bunny”. Can we say spoiled? Madeline ran upstairs to find me and to get William. She just kept saying, “William you are not going to believe this!”. 

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Then Madeline remembered that Mrs. Diana her Sunday School teacher had said there would be an Easter party at church. She quickly brushed her teeth and got ready.

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I tired to get pictures of the kids together and Will was impossible. I even went and got Nick to see if he could help wrangle but all Will wanted to do was walk around and play ball.

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I though the tie I made to go with Maddie’s dress came out pretty good.

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After a busy day at church teaching two Sunday School classes we headed home for an egg hunt.  As soon as Will would find an egg he would sit down and eat the candy. Madeline ended up with 46 of the 50 eggs.

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Happy Easter!

He is risen! He is risen indeed!