Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Girl’s Weekend!

Last weekend I had the privilege of spending the weekend with my college roommates. It is so amazing when you can just pick up a friendship right where it left off.  These gals are some amazing friends who I can just talk about ANYTHING with. I pray that everyone has the opportunity to have friends like these.   Especially, one that is a fabulous photographer and can edit our photos. Here are the pictures Julie took of us.

the girls- LOW RES 

Kathryn, Nicole, Julie, and Me

the girls-fence-aa LOW RES

Nicole and Julie are both about to have their third baby. This was a great time to relax before their lives get extra crazy.

We were able to go shopping, eat a fabulous Ted’s lunch, Skype with our other roommate, and chat until way too late without any interruptions! It is amazing how much more relaxing our time together is without our babies. Thank you to our four fabulous husbands for watching the children while we took a little time to relax and catch up.  For those of you wondering…Madeline and Nick did fabulous!  Madeline did call me me one time while playing with Nick’s phone. She had lots to tell and it all must of been very funny because she kept laughing. Nick finally took the phone and wondered why I had called.  We got a good laugh out of our 18 month old calling me. I have a feeling she might have been tattling on Nick. :)