Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lot to say

From the time he wakes up in the morning until he goes to sleep... talk,talk,talk, and more talking.
He just rambles on and on and throws in a few real words here and there. He can now say Mama, Dada, Up, Bye, Baby, Hello, Yep, Yes, No, Ball, Papa (grandpa), Thank You, Hi, Bible, GiGi, baba (bottle/cup), roll (from patty cake). He parrots almost anything we say. Watch out world we are going to have two chatty Schindler kids!

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

WOW! What busy fun Christmas week. We were honored to be able to have all the Grandparents come for Christmas. The kids were thrilled…and that includes the two big kids (Nick and I). We filled the days with…

eating…check out the tablecloth I sewed and the new Christmas tree napkins I made to match.

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You know these two didn’t miss a meal!

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We spread our gift opening throughout the days.

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Beauty shop time..every princess needs fancy hair.

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3-D tv watching. This was a movie about the Corvette factory.

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Taking a break in the beauty process to open another gift.edited Christmas 2011 041

Going to Christmas Eve Service.

Christmas 2011 322


Somebody sure was excited to go to Big church. She did have to bring her lipgloss and Mac the dog.

William loved the music but really wanted to do a bunch of talking. He is loudest thing. Finally we gave him a sucker and he was messy but quiet.

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We decided this might be the best we looked all week. We took the opportunity to attempt a few family pictures. It is way too hard to get everyone looking great at the same time!edited Christmas 2011 124edited Christmas 2011 154

This way too hard Christmas puzzle from Costco kept everyone busy and wasn’t completed until right before people started leaving. It wouldn’t have been finished at all if Nick hadn’t stayed up until midnight the night before.

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Finally Christmas was here! This was the year of the princess for Madeline. Princess dolls, princess dresses, princess EVERYTHING! The highlights for here have been the dress up clothes, the fingernail polish (what was Santa thinking), and her Bolt doll.

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This was the year of cars and balls for Will! He loves driving his cars all over the floor and making the vroom sound. He also is very happy carrying a ball around and throwing it. He is ALL boy.  BUT… box climbing and paper tearing was his favorite!

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The best part of new toys was the fact that there were so many people here to try them out. Grandma Linda even had tea parties with Madeline under the dining room table.

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Do to somebody (I won’t name any names…ERMA) waking up Maddie so early she was a little tired and cranky. We finally got her to take a nap and then Christmas fun could continue.









Madeline and Will got a HUGE tunnel and ball pit. It folds up so small but fills our entire basement!

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Here is the puzzle finally finished..if you see it at COSCO think twice about buying unless you have 7 people and at least 3 days to work on it.



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Merry Christmas! Thanks everyone for driving all the way to see us. Hope you guys can all make it next year!