Saturday, March 31, 2012


Saturday was Madeline’s first soccer game with the Maroon Mustangs. She is now playing in the 4 and 5 year old league. She is one of the youngest. (Especially because she turned 4 on the day of the first game!) Here are some pictures of her in action. She is getting pretty fast. We are just working on kicking the ball the right direction and not running over to tell her family hi in the middle of the game.

edited 4 years old 001edited 4 years old 004edited 4 years old 007


Nick and I took turns taking care of Wild Man Will. All he wanted to do was be part of the team. He would grab a soccer ball and run and throw it in a goal. We each ran at least a mile just chasing him!edited 4 years old 012edited 4 years old 024edited 4 years old 046edited 4 years old 040edited 4 years old 050edited 4 years old 056

We were all thankful that this season didn’t start with all the tears like last season!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Look what you can do with an imagination and some silly putty! It is her monster named William. See the ears ( round circles) eyes, huge long nose, and the tiny mouth. Sorry Will about your golf bag it is now a monster.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lunch outside

The weather in O’Fallon has been beautiful. We are trying to take full advantage! We have been outside as much as we can. We even enjoy lunch in our outdoor dining room.

4 years old 081

You know it is a rough life when Madeline is still in her PJ’s at lunch time.

4 years old 0844 years old 097

Will couldn’t stop eating for even a quick smile.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Nick and both love college basketball. When we heard the 3rd and 4th rounds of March Madness were coming to St. Louis we were thrilled! Nick got our tickets way back in October. The Grandparents watched the kids we got to have two fun days at the games. The Friday games were crazy good with an overtime! Then Saturday we watch KU beat North Carolina and head to the final 4. Fun, Fun, Fun! Our seats were amazing, 20 rows up behind the KU cheerleaders and the food was excellent. I sure wish they were coming here next year!

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Early Birthday

All the Grandparents came this weekend to celebrate Madeline’s 4th birthday. We had a fabulous time. Here are a few pictures. I always get busy enjoying everyone and forget to take any pictures!edited birthday 049

I tried to make my own cake. Not too bad for a first attempt. I even made my own marshmallow fondant. So sweet!

edited birthday 056


Thank you pinterest for all the decorating ideasedited birthday 078

Can you believe she is turning 4!edited birthday 102


The slushy magic. Everyone needs something off an infomercial for their birthday!










Then on Saturday Maddie’s first soccer game was cancelled because the field was flooded! So the Grandpa’s and GiGi went to Lowe’s build and grow. Madeline’s apron was filled with patches so they gave her a new one to try and fill up!

These pictures are evidence of why Will doesn’t get to go to build and grow with Maddie and Daddy. He is EVERYWHERE!

Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna delivered Maddie’s corvette. I think that I will easily be able to take a picture of Will & Maddie when they are teenagers making this same face!

edited birthday 150edited birthday 160

There was lots of park time!

edited birthday 192

Then the ladies plus Will went on a long trail walk. At the end of the trial Grandpa Ross & Andy were waiting with some Dr. Pepper. Isn’t that funny. So we had a tail gate party.edited group merge photo

edited birthday 181


Grandpa Ross knows how to get Will to like him, share his Dr. Pepper!edited birthday 205

Some people walked back and others enjoyed a little truck ride.

edited birthday 254

Grandpa is giving driving directions.

edited birthday 265

Tired no nap Will is starting to love the tricycle!


edited birthday 327edited birthday 362

Thanks for coming guys! Hope to see you again real soon!