Saturday, July 7, 2012

The End of Baseball Season

Saturday was the last game of the Season for the Penguins. Madeline was on her game. She hit two solid balls and was an all-star fielder. My favorite was during water break she informed me she had made two new friends.
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Look at that fielding and hitting. She improved so much over the short season!

Big Hit!

Getting ready…

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Look at those red cheeks! It was sooooo hot!
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This is what I get to do most of the game. Hang out with my buddy William. He just wants in the game so badly!  Good thing he is super handsome.edited Last Soccer and M day 007
We are proud of you Maddie Grace. You played a great season and were a wonderful listener to coach.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

L Day

Today was a Lovely day filled with L’s.

We headed downtown to the library to get our first library card.

Today storyteller Gail was there and Madeline loved the stories. They were are about hair. Will squirmed the entire time and finally entertained himself by pulling everything out of my wallet. (Next library trip he gets strapped in the stroller.

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Then the Little children made faces with tons of hair so they could tell their own stories. Madeline concentrated very hard on hers.

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After finding some fun books and a video for William we headed home to pick up Nick. He had the day off for family day. We decided Lasagna from Olive Garden would be perfect for L day.

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Then these two had a Lazy time on the couch reading the new Library books. Daddy fell asleep.

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We had to have some Lion King for L day.

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We had Left Overs for dinner along with some Lemonade over candle Light. I had a MOPS budget meeting so I Left Nick the directions on making a Lion with Madeline. Here it is…

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I think I will Leave it at that. We sure have Loved our Letter days. It makes the days so fun! Madeline is getting so excited for M day. She thinks it is going to be all about her. I think it is going to be all about Mommy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

The 4th of July was CRAZY. Nick and I decided to tile both of the upstairs bathrooms at the same time. Let’s just say it wouldn’t have fit into a 30 minute HGTV show. So we spent the fourth trying to get the last of the tile laid. We finally finished around 7:30pm. Long after the fun BBQ we were invited to was started and almost over. We decided to do a few fireworks of our own. Will hadn’t taken a nap so off to bed he went and outside we headed.

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Madeline loved the sparklers. She must of done 20 of them. Her favorite was twirling and doing a dance while singing My Country Tis of Thee. Happy 4th of July!

(Please ignore the outfit, during tiling 4 year olds can wear whatever they can put on themselves.)

*Nick still has to put the potties in and the molding then there will be a post about that ADVENTURE.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

K Day

K day has been a Kindness filled kind of day. It all began with a trip to the O’Fallon Splash Pad.

The place is amazing. It has a big water area, two rivers, two playgrounds, and a covered picnic area!

edited K day 054

He are the Kids with Madeline showing some Kindness to her brother. Too bad she spun him so hard he flew off. (Didn’t cry and climbed on for more.)

edited K day 064

Right after I took this picture the jets shot up and got him right in the Kisser!

edited K day 081

Will loved playing with the rocks and the running water. He sat in that same spot FOREVER. I had to drag him from there to the car.

edited K day 085

Madeline’s favorite part was running around like a maniac with all her friends. My favorite part was watch the discussions between Simon and Madeline. They are both very opinionated.








Then it was time for some K fun. Madeline borrowed my lipstick for our first project. Kissing the K!

edited K day 091

edited K day 099

edited K day 092
She had to reapply her lipstick every 4th kiss. This project took much longer then I thought.  Then we made our Kangaroo.

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We also had kabobs for dinner, flew a kite (right into the house),Karen watched the Kids while I ran to the doctor, and we made Kindness Kits for the neighbors.

The Kindness kits included some Madeline artwork and cookies. Madeline worked all day on being Kind to her brother and trying to live out our K verse. Keep your tongue from evil. (That includes words and sticking it out.) Now if I Keep going I am going to fall asleep on this computer. So I will Klock out and Klean up and wish there were some better K words. I do think I might stop and have a Kit-Kat on the way to bed.