Monday, February 20, 2012


We decided to make a quick trip to Ohio to visit GiGi, Grandma Linda, and Andy. We had to go check out all the work they have been doing around the house. Every time we go something new has arrived, been built, or replaced. The best part about this trip was not worrying about Will spilling on the carpet. Linda is getting new carpet soon. Perfect time for a Schindler visit.
On Friday I had an all day training at the base. So Nick’s wonderful boss Mr. Jones let him stay home and watch the kids. I think Nick was trying to win a contest because he brought me coffee, scrambled eggs (with ham and onions), and a biscuit. He said this is how it is done. OH BROTHER! 
Nick took a before picture of Madeline’s hair.
edited Ohio 097
(please notice Will’s outfit, Nick put him in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts but he got stuff on his shorts so then he put on these crazy blue fleece pants)
Now the after…
edited Ohio 098
Big difference right???  Sure made me laugh because he was so proud of his work.
My training was lots of fun and I learned so much about the air force and tools available for spouses. They even took our picture with our certificate and the base commander.

When I arrived home we packed the last minute items and jumped in the car. Will, is not known for his wonderful traveling ability so we figured evening and sleeping time would be the best time to travel. He only cried for an hour and a half. I never thought I would think that was an improvement but it was! I really didn’t do a very good job taking pictures. I was enjoying having extra hands to help so I read all of Andy’s People magazines and enjoyed the rest.
edited Ohio 103
Running… Will runs everywhere now. He is the happiest when he is either naked or outside.edited Ohio 119
You know you are on vacation when you get to play in your pajamas.
edited Ohio 125
Will just liked climbing up and down the stairs and sitting on the fireplace hearth. He thought he was such a big boy.
edited Ohio 138
Sometimes a kitchen table makes a nice fort.
edited Ohio 149
Will’s new cheese smile. He says it and then smiles so big you think his face might crack.
edited Ohio 155
Still haven’t found a food he doesn’t like. Popcorn is now on the top 5 list.
edited Ohio 163
Madeline was busy making a set of glasses with her play dough.
Because William is such an easy traveler we left late on Sunday night and he instantly fell asleep. THANK GOODNESS. We might have been exhausted by the time we got home but we didn’t have a headache from the crying. Thanks for the fun trip Wisecups. The food was great and the conversation even better!