Friday, June 3, 2011

Finger Food

Here is Will having a few sweet potato poofs. I think he averages getting 1 out of 3 in his mouth.  It sure keeps him entertained.


Thursday, June 2, 2011


Our neighborhood pool just opened for the season. We have been eagerly waiting for this day!  Ryan (our fun neighbor) even came along. He was a super helper and even helped encourage our Madeline to be brave.  Will wasn’t too sure about this pool thing.

Here we are on our way.

Ohio May 2011 068Ohio May 2011 069

Could we haul any more stuff to the pool?  Be watching for many more pool updates this summer.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tea Party

Madeline decided she wanted to have a tea party with our neighbors across the street. So that is exactly what we did.

Ohio May 2011 001

We invited them over for a breakfast tea and they even brought cinnamon rolls!

Ohio May 2011 002

Here is Drew (Sophomore in HS), Ryan (Freshman in HS), Brenda, Me, and Maddie. Aren’t they the nicest guys to come to a 3 year olds tea party. Smile  We invited them the day before and the day of Madeline only went over 2 times to remind them. She was so excited she even waited on the porch.  I think we might do lunch next time. Have I mentioned lately how much we love our neighborhood?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

For the 3 day holiday we headed to Tipp City, Ohio to visit Nick’s family. We sure packed a bunch of adventures in a few short days.

Ohio May 2011 001

Maddie & Will got to snuggle Aunt Pauline.

(Grandma Linda’s Aunt)

Ohio May 2011 021

Will showed off his sitting skills.

Ohio May 2011 042

Andy cooked some yummy ribs for a fun BBQ.

Ohio May 2011 065

Here are all the Rib eaters, The Schindlers, Arwoods, Monroes, Wisecups, and Boggs.

edited Ohio May 2011 101

We used Linda & Andy’s backyard for a photo backdrop.


edited Ohio May 2011 078

Grandpa Ross said I need to live it while I can, it won’t be too long that I get to dress Will in polka dot shorts.

Ohio May 2011 123


Then we headed to a very fun 6 year old birthday party for Abbey. Madeline loved being around the older kids. They had a water slide, bounce castle, cake, snow cones, and yummy snacks!Ohio May 2011 145




Everybody took a turn holding Mr. Will. Nancy was trying to teach him how to wave.








Ohio May 2011 272



Even swimsuits are more fun with a tutu!




Ohio May 2011 278

Will was just about done with the party. VERY TIRED!

Ohio May 2011 379

Grandma Linda and Maddie had a parade through the backyard!

Ohio May 2011 416Ohio May 2011 419

Madeline even took Will for a ride on Nick & Eric’s old John Deer.

Ohio May 2011 423

Will was a great at holding on and Madeline was a very safe driver.

Ohio May 2011 441Ohio May 2011 455

Ohio May 2011 026

We even found time for a picnic and a hike.

Ohio May 2011 028

Will loved the backpack!

Ohio May 2011 043Ohio May 2011 050Ohio May 2011 052

At one point Nick was carrying both kids!

Loving the hike!

Close call?

Andy & I thought somebody was going to end up in the water, but nobody did! I had already started counting my money from America’s funniest home videos!

We had a great visit! Thanks Andy, Linda, and GG for making it so nice!