Friday, May 17, 2013


Here is what William loves to do…organize numbers and letters.

I think he is going to be an accountant.

number block counting

I wish I had a video of him freaking out when Madeline wrote a 21 instead of a 12. It was in sidewalk chalk and he just kept saying no that is 21!  It does not go after 11!

Hitting Practice

With her own brother cheering…

Spring is finally here!

We are excited about spring. Everybody is even thrilled with the new plant watering routine. Will is glad his basketball goal is back outside. Madeline is happy that when we say to go outside if she wants to be loud she can and not freeze.

Also I have noticed that my children do have a bit of a personality explosion when I get out the camera. I think William only likes his picture taken when he is by himself.  Madeline loves to try out new poises and give a running commentary about each and every one of them.




Pretty Princess…









The above is his shocked face after I raised the basketball goal. Below is him stretching to make a score.


A little batting practice in the backyard.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 19

week 19a copyweek 19b copy

I forgot to mention Will going to a birthday party and using the community M&M scoop as his own personal spoon or my new haircut and color. It was a wild week!

Mother’s Day 2013

What a fabulous beautiful Mother’s Day for me.  It all began with a little Madeline in a wonderful mood telling me she would wear anything I picked out and that she wanted her hair curled. It continued to get better when Will slept in and when he woke up he was HAPPY.  Then we tried to capture a family portrait as we were leaving for 8:30am Sunday School. (We were still on time even after all this.)


(Nick set up the tripod and cut off his own head.)

If Will ever asks why there is not as many picture of him as we took of Madeline this is why!  But sometimes he can be a snuggle bear.


Then there is my Madeline who is always game for a photo shoot.


Then it was off to church and 5 Guys for lunch.

Madeline has been working on my Mother’s Day presents for a few days. She has been so excited she could hardle keep it a secret. First she had a made a treasure map for me to follow all around the house. I found a calla lily in the dinning room. Then upstairs to her room for my handmade card and WSU necklace. She did herself. It was wonderful. The heart is a picture frame she made at Lowe’s Build and Grow.049512050513

Mother’s Day

I have never seen someone so excited to give a gift. It was the best part.  Nick also added a new watch and the complete set of Columbo’s on DVD. Best Day Ever. Did I mention Nick is smoking out Brisket for dinner. YUMMO!

I love these kids!


(They have learned how to take pictures on the Kindle.)