Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday William!

Today some of Will’s best friends came on over to celebrate. There was cake eating, toy playing, stair climbing, itsy bitsy spider singing, paddy cake learning, and the most fun Kleenex pull out game. Here are a few pictures of our adventure.

edited Will's party 005

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Look at these handsome boys! Cooper, Payton, Will, and Tru!

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Payton loved to feed Will a little more cake! Thank you Sunday School Buddy!

edited Will's party 072edited Will's party 073Will's party 075

He was not afraid to jump right into his cupcake. He ate it so fast!

edited Will's party 084edited Will's party 090

edited Will's party 051

Then it was time for a little Klennex pull out. It was so cute when they finally realized they weren’t going to get in trouble.

edited Will's party 094

Cooper was very focused on his pulling.

edited Will's party 095

Once Tru got the hang of it WATCH OUT!

edited Will's party 097

Payton liked the hairbrush a little bit better!edited Will's party 100edited Will's party 114Will's party 115

It is fun to play peek a boo with the Kleenex.

edited Will's party 112

edited Will's party 053

Mother and Son picture (plus Maddie Grace).

edited Will's party 022

Molly, Amelia, and Maddie Grace. The girls had so much fun playing fairy dress up. They even got to decorate their own cakes and have a tea party.

What a fun morning! Thank you guys for coming to celebrate. Be watching for the family party this weekend.